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Wilderness Wildlife Mysteries

Mysterious Cat

cat1 cat2 cat3

Help us to identify this cat that we saw in the middle Himalaya of Uttaranchal, at 6000 feet altitude.

New Species of Macaque from Arunachal Pradesh

New Species of Macaque from Arunachal Pradesh
Source: Outlook, April 12, 1999

Rupin Dang and Dr. Anwaruddin Chowdhury independently discovered this new species of macaque in Arunachal Pradesh, in north-east India, in 1998. The photograph of the new species of Macaque, as taken by Rupin Dang, and reproduced alongside, is the first known picture of this animal, subsequently identified as a new species (Macaca munzala) by a group of Indian scientists, in 2004.

Unidentified Flowering Plans

flower1 flower2

In our archive, there are records of many species of flowering plants that remain unidentified, possibly discovered for the first time and thus yet to be taxonomically named. Here are just a few of them. Please write in if you have ideas as to their identification.

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