Strange Things, Events and Happenings

Shikra eating Sparrow – We have a close-up, stunning and rare sequence of the Shikra (a raptor) tearing apart a sparrow and eating it from beginning to end, with very tight up close shots – nature in the raw!

Elephant standing in a lake looking for fish, catching them and killing them on its trunk and then consuming them. (Fish are not known to be on the diet of an elephant!) Rare footage!

Cicada drawing sap and spraying it in the air, from a tree: very dramatic shot!

Paradise Flycatcher feeding insects to its chicks in the nest: the insect is too large and the chicks can’t swallow it – a comical sequence!

The most complete collection of rare footage on Islam in South Asia, including rare HD footage of self-flagellation, mass self-flagellation (with streams of blood flowing out of the courtyard) and the most haunting rituals, soulful and earthy music and practices. We even have images of very young children committing self-flagellation.

Indian Oil storage depot fire in Jaipur – a large inferno that burned up more than US$100 million in fuel in a single blaze!

A complete story of a goat that favours fish fins and tails (and even entire fish) and mutton, over greens! We filmed the goat, and it’s owner, in south India, as he follows his master to the fish market and chomps over 5 kilograms of fish a day!

The tallest woman in India, Svetlana Singh stands over 7 feet tall. A story on her life…

A four-horned goat! Used as the centrepiece of the unique once-in-twelve-years Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra, a pilgrimage attended by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from across India, and one that takes pilgrims into the high Himalaya (up to 18, 000 feet + altitude). They all follow this four-horned goat into the mountains and release it there in an alpine meadow!

Arunachali Apatani women folk, wearing large/huge blocks of cane in their noses, as part of a cultural tradition!

Sabarimala – Thousands of Indian pilgrims (men only) from South India trekking into the mountains of Sabarimala for an annual pilgrimage, carrying bags of rice on their heads and carrying out a pledge of abstinence.

Eric Weinheimer, visually-challenged American climber on Mt. Everest.

Short-toed Eagle doing the ”Samba’, prior to descending from the skies at great speed, and finally making off with a snake from the ground, having zeroed in on it from a great height in the sky – excellent eye-sight!

Mansarovar and Kailash pilgrimage in Tibet – the tough journey that pilgrims endure to get across from India, through Nepal and into Tibet, to reach the barren Tibetan plateau, and offer their prayers to the gods. Some pilgrims even take a full circle of the Kailash mountain while prostating at every step, standing up and the lying down on the ground again, thus making very painful progress!

The sight of hundreds of bones, perfectly preserved skeletons and skulls lying at the edge of a high altitude Himalayan tarn, at Roopkund. Lots of theories have abounded about the origin of these people and the cause of their death in an obviously violent manner, many hundreds of years old.

Siddhi dancers, once brought from Sudan as salt workers to India. We have a rare dance sequence in which the lead dancer of a chain dancing troupe cracks a hard coconut on his head after throwing it in the air, and having it land on his head!

First time ever filmed rare sequences of the mating of the endangered Hard-ground Barasingha, a species of deer found only in two grassland areas of central India. This footage was recorded over an entire summer out in the grasslands, with temperatures regularly exceeding 110 degrees F, during an extreme central Indian summer. First time and very rare footage, including excellent recordings of rutting calls and of the male deer picking up large tussocks of grass and swamp mud on his antlers and then displaying through the grasslands.

Man impaling a trident into his cheeks at Spiti, during a ritual Buddhist dance at the Kalchakra ceremony presided over by the Dalai Lama.

Holy man walking several miles to pilgrimage site, even going uphill, on a pair of tall stilts!

Man swallowing sword – image of him with the sword disappearing down his throat!

Wild Boar, Monkey, cow and mithun sacrifice, slaughter, carving and eating. Eating snails.

Chicken being cut, skinned and cooked on a moving train! Dogs being caught for eating. Barking deer meat being sold in the market. Eid halal of goat, camel and cow. Poachers shooting and bringing back a Wild Boar – pig and a monkey, subsequently carving them and roasting them on an open fire, before eating them. Also, snails, eels, snakes, barking deer, squirrels, dogs (tied-up/live and dead), civet cat, pheasants and silk worms being sold in a market, to be consumed as food!

Tiger attack clip: Rare and unique shot of a tiger leaping into the air and landing on the trunk of an elephant, as part of a mock attack that turned serious. Never before has such a scene been filmed!

Footage of a man who lifts a 6 kilogram heavy iron ball with his eye-lid.

A cow with six legs, walking on the streets of New Delhi! Where else but in India!?

Uttar Pradesh state Parliament fight: legislators throwing chairs, microphones and other items at each other in the Parliament: mayhem! Bleeding and injured legislators hide under desks and escape from the scene. Democracy at work!

Kids diving into the highly-polluted and almost ecologically-dead Yamuna river to get coins, braving polluted and with metal and other dangerous contaminants.

Alang shipyard – Workers cutting apart huge ships, to recycle as scrap, working in dangerous environments with asbestos and rusted metal, and worse.

Camel and goat halal (slow killing, by slitting the throat in stages), with gushing fountains of blood coming out. Gory! Not for the faint-hearted. Also, dog, cow and pig slaughter.

People in a trance: Lakhat and Nanda Devi Raj Jat. People whirling around dervish-like, completely out of control of their movements, and clearly in the control of another power.

Child marriages being practiced in Rajasthan, India, with children as young as two years being married off in a mass ceremony. We have filmed the entire ceremony, of this practice that is banned in India.

Unique footage of a Wild Boar eating another Wild Boar, in the wild.

Elephant fights and dead elephant following one such fight for supremacy and fighting off a rival to a female elephant.

Rare footage of elephant pre-mating fights, and the graphic images of the mating process itself, with the male’s organ unsheathed (three feet long).

Indian python eating an entire deer up, and then getting gorged on it, with the deer’s contours sticking out of the side of the Python!

Sloth Bear maulings: shots of people badly mauled and injured by angry Sloth Bears.

Rain sacrifice in Ziro village, Arunachal Pradesh, with a 113-year old man conducting a ceremony to bring about rains, and sacrificing chickens for the purpose.

Interview with Babu Chiri Sherpa, the man who climbed Everest 12 or 13 times, and even spent a night on the summit! He died by falling into a glacial crevasse the next day, right after our interview with him, on Everest. We have footage of the glaciers and crevasses on Everest.

Paraplegic/heavily physically challenged man, without legs, climbing the high Himalaya, over tens of miles, to reach his pilgrimage destination, in sub-zero temperatures.

Dead bodies on South Col of Mt. Everest, lying around in the rarified air, with no one able to take them down. They have leathered over the decades that they have been there, exposed to the elements, and are in very good condition. We have very close and chilling visuals!

A pair of conjoined (joined at the head) twin 10 year old girls who live a ‘normal’ life in India, with a study of their daily routine and family life.

Chickens with kicking legs, long after they have been decapitated, defeathered and had their necks, wings and legs cut off. Despite being ‘dead’, their nerves keep conveying signals to the limbs for quite a while after.

A cow’s heart beating long after it has been killed, had its legs cut off and neck chopped off.

A pair of young Scavenger Vultures fighting so fiercely that both have their feathers flying, and one is pinned down below the other. Rather comic!

Green Barbet chick nearly blinding a fellow nestling, pecking for the first time with its powerful beak.

Barbet nearly throwing other chick out of nest, as space gets restricted due to the growing chicks within.

Chukor partridge digging in the sand, with dust and grit flying all over, its legs and wings going all over the place. Again, rather comic!

Tigers mating – We have stunning visuals (and very rare) of a pair of Indian Tigers mating deep inside the forests of central India. Probably first time footage…

Black Labrador having a nightmare, with his legs kicking and tongue sticking out of his mouth!

Rhesus Macaque approaching from behind and playing with woman’s hair, as she sits on a park bench. Also, Macaques pulling out car wipers, throwing flower-pots down from terraces, etc.

A Tree Pie magpie eating ticks and other external parasites off a feeding/grazing Wild Boar: symbiosis in the animal world.

Rhino mating shots – rare and first-time-ever footage.

An elephant flatulating (!), with natural sound effects to boot.

Fruit bat indulging in self-gratification – graphic!

Babblers preening. One bird looks drugged, as the other digs into its neck feathers, to take out parasites…

Bahubali statue at Shravanabelagola town in Karnataka: fascinating footage of the once in 12 years Mahamastaka Abhisheka ceremony, in which thousands of devotees pour millions of gallons of milk and turmeric water and flower petals over the statue, bathing it in various hues of white and yellow and the colours of many flowers, and making for stunning and inspiring images of one of the rarest and most fascinating religious ceremonies anywhere in the world.

Rare behavioural studies of the Indian Wild Dog or dhole, including pack hunting behaviour, one male sitting on the face of another male (to show dominance) and mounting other males and females, again to show dominance within the pack.

Rhino taking a leak: Indian One-horned Rhinoceros taking a leak: a huge fountain of water emanating from the rear!

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