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Pushkar town, Nagaur cattle fair and related Rajathan footage from January and February 2006 (HDV and DVCAM; 24 hours)

Sri Aurobindo Society celebrations for the Birthday of the Mother, including music, chanting and prayers. February 2006.

Bahubali statue (57 feet tall and more than ten centuries old) at Shravanabelagola town in Karnataka: rare footage of the once in 12 years Mahamastaka Abhisheka (February 2006). (HDV and DVCAM; 21 hours).

His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivering a speech on Twelve Links of Dependent Origination in New Delhi, with a translation to English. (HDV and DVCAM; 6 hours) February 2006.

The Siddhis of Gujarat, who originally came to India as salt workers / slaves from Sudan. Footage includes dance forms (faithfully Sudanese / African in nature), villages, community gatherings, individual faces, children, habitat, etc. (Format: DVCAM; 5 hours)

Kalbelias, the snake dancers of Rajasthan. (1 hour)

Apatani Rain sacrifice ceremony at Ziro village (the largest village in Asia) in Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh, with a 108 year old man undertaking the ceremony on a raised wooden platform known as a ‘labang’, with wooden spires around it, called ‘babo’. Also, marriage ceremony feast, consumption and exchange of traditional dried pork during Myoko festival. (Format: Digital Betacam; 1 hour)

The remote village community of Luguthang, one of the world’s highest villages and also the highest electrified village, at 16, 000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh. (Format: Betacam SP; 2 hours)

12 different dance forms from Bhutan and another 12 from Arunachal Pradesh. (3 hours)

Amarnath Yatra / pilgrimage, Jammu & Kashmir state: The entire pilgrimage has been covered from Pahalgam to the cave with the ice lingam and back to Sonamarg. Also Srinagar, Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, flowering lotus being harvested, Jhelum river, Khaniyar and Dasgir Sahib mosques, shikaras and house boats, Nishat and Shalimar Mughal gardens, Shankaracharya temple and hill, Chinar trees, cricket bat making, Hazratbal Mosque, boulevard, water skiing, Dachigam National Park forest with Black Bear and endangered Hangul Deer (their last stronghold – they are found nowhere else globally). (Format: DVCAM; 15 hours)

West Bengal Ganga Sagar confluence and Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh. (Format: Mini DV; 3 hours)

Festival of Sacred Chanting and Singing, New Delhi, 2003. Groups came from all over the world including Africa, Europe and America. Includes Gregorian chants and throat singers / singing from Tuva. (DVCAM, 3 hours)

Spiti Kalchakra, one of the largest Buddhist festivals presided over by the Dalai Lama. This particular festival was held at the Key Gompa / monastery, in the high altitude rain shadow arid desert regions of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh state, India. We have documented the entire festival over a one-month period, with excellent close-up images of His Excellency The Dalai Lama, the religious head, in exile, of Tibet. Footage includes some stunning Himalayan landscapes, mountains, rainbows in the high altitude desert, flowering plants, and rugged terrain. (Format: Digital Betacam; 13 hours)

Child Marriages in Alwar, Rajasthan. Rare footage of the rarer occurrence of the age old albeit now illegal practice from rural India, with rare footage of a mass child marriage in progress. (Format: Mini DV; 4 hours)

Madhya Pradesh: Khajuraho dance festival, Panna rural lifestyles and livelihoods, cave paintings and dwellings in the forests of Panna, Hindu cremation sequences, interviews with Sloth Bear attack victims, with visibly displayed claw-marks and deep gash wounds inflicted by Sloth Bears. Dhundwa falls – the misty waterfalls, fisheries, pisciculture, fish hatchlings in government nursery, Ken River Lodge camp, Bhoramdeo temple in Kavardah / Kawardha – a 5th century temple with sculptures of erotica, Baiga tribals from Madhya Pradesh – their customs and village life, Bhimbetka cave and rock paintings, tiger census in progress. Also, Orchha temples and cenotaphs, Betwa river, rafting on the Betwa, Dussehra celebrations in Orchha, Jehangir Mahal, Ram Raja temple, Bundelkhand Riverside Resort owned by the Maharaja of Orchha, Barwasagar / Barwa Sagar fort and lake, Garh Kundhar and Datia fort. Also, the 450 year old Baobab tree planted by Maharaja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha. (Format: DVCAM; 18 hours)

Jarawas, Onges and other tribals and extinct / dying communities from Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Bay of Bengal, India.

Jaunsar Bawar region where polygamy and polyandry still coexist, and the dubious Duryodhan temple at Osla / Sima. Valleys of the Rupin, Supin and Tons. (1 hour)

Traditional royal wedding ceremony in the erstwhile state of Nagodh, with family revelry and large scale celebrations. Also, modern day Indian weddings with pomp, pageantry and splendour, both at the village and rural level, and among the more modern extravagant upper middle class.

Tibetan government in exile : Tibetan seat of political power out of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, India. Monks of Sherab Ling Monastery singing and chanting (Grammy Award winning choir of monks). Tibetan people in residence in India : lifestyle, livelihoods, religion in exile, ennui among the young in Tibetan communities in exile. Feature film ‘We’re No Monks’ was co-produced by our company and the joint copyright rests with us. This film includes a lot of lifestyle images, footage of the popular Bollywood (Bombay Hindi cinema) baddy actor Gulshan Grover and lesser actors from the Tibetan community. As the first Indo Tibetan film project and the first Tibetan digital film, this feature film has been screened in theaters worldwide, and awaits worldwide release, and has attracted widespread acclaim and reviews worldwide. Dalai Lama footage. Buddhist and Tibetan monasteries, chanting, prayers, scrolls, prayer wheels, butter lamps and traditions.

Indian Railways as a cultural institution: With more than one million employees, this is one of the largest employers worldwide. We have train journeys across India, shots from inside trains, Palace on Wheels – a luxury train with a dining coach, airconditioned cabins, and luxurious toilets, train stations, railway history, antique trains at Railway Museum, steam trains, electric locomotives, metre gauge, narrow gauge and broad gauge trains.

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