Raj Jat Yatra Catalogue

Tape 1

01:00:26:00      goat khadu being taken up the hill by the people followed by a large group of people
01:01:36:16      women standing in the courtyard
01:02:21:00      important person
01:03:44:00      hand woven basket + bus + wet road + people
01:04:31:00      pan shot of a hill (from one end to another) + trees + clouded sky
01:05:35:00      terrace farming + hill + raining
01:06:55:00      white flowers
01:07:20:00      yellow flowers
01:07:35:00      caterpillar (scales + yellow borders with black spot) on leaves
01:07:55:00      caterpillar on the branch
01:08:00:00      pink flowers
01:08:48:00      people walking down the hill
01:09:48:00      drummer (people in white cloths, carrying music instruments)
01:11:00:00      people walking down the hill
01:13:34:00      people walking on the hill
01:16:19:00      people walking + small waterfall
01:16:56:23      hill covered with thick green vegetation + people walking on the cobbled                                   road  (Pagdandi / Pakdandi)
01:17:47:00      procession followed by the people drummers playing the drum
01:18:59:00      people praying and saints dancing
01:19:44:00      goat taken around Holy symbols and put on a red cloth
01:20:24:00      pujari praying
01:20:57:00      saffron umbrella + red cloth tied around the goat
01:21:56:00      people praying the goat
01:22:36:00      goat eating something offered by the people + people worshiping the goat
01:25:30:00      men dancing with the umbrella
01:27:10:00      Aarti / prayers + people singing
01:30:47:00      shot of the four-horned goat
01:31:00:00      people drinking tea
01:33:01:00      people walking down the hill


02:00:38:00      procession walking
02:01:21:00      people crossing a stream
02:04:35:00      people on the roof watching the procession
02:05:27:00      goat is worshipped  by the people
02:06:00:00      goat is carried by a man on his shoulder
02:06:26:00      young girls dressed in white salwar kameez with steel pots on their heads
02:07:07:00      goat walking, followed by people
02:07:33:12      goat standing on a white cloth
02:14:36:00      goat on top of the temple roof
02:16:06:00      large mass of people
02:16:27:02      village on the hill
02:16:48:00      shot of hills with clouds
02:17:39:00      people on the roof
02:18:37:00      goat covered with a red cloth
02:20:33:06      people worshipping the goat
02:24:06:00      people worshiping the umbrella
02:25:39:00      people standing on the sidewalk and women singing
02:31:46:00      drummer playing drums
02:33:02:00      women wearing bangles

TAPE 3          

03:00:37:00      people on the roof + stairs
03:00:38:00      Woman on balcony
03:01:00:00      river flowing
03:02:00:00      people dancing and singing
03:02:41:00      river flowing
03:05:11:00      hill shot
03:05:23:00      river flowing + people on the roof of a house near the river
03:06:03:00      terrace farming + people walking
03:08:59:00      people walking on the hill + Pine trees
03:13:20:00      goat walking followed by people
03:14:01:00      people waiting for the goat + blowing horns
03:20:00:00      mass of people waiting
03:20:37:00      people walking up the hill
03:21:00:00      goat walking followed by people
03:23:24:00      shot of a hill + landscape
03:23:55:00      procession being taken through the village
03:26:20:00      boys walking 
03:26:40:00      huts + hills
03:27:41:00      processions stops + people praying
03:28:36:00      people on the roof top
03:31:36:00      A man carrying the goat on his shoulders
03:31:07:00      A man carrying the goat on his shoulders, shot from behind them.
03:32:27:00      people walking up the hill

TAPE 4          

04:01:23:00      people walking on the hill
04:01:48:00      goat walking followed by the people
04:04:10:00      hill + terrace farming  + people walking
04:09:00:00      people walking
04:10:00:00      procession walking through the village
04:11:18:00      goat walking, followed by people
04:12:30:00      village (huts)
04:13:10:00      procession stops + people worshipping
04:14:40:00      people walking up the hill
04:17:43:00      goat walking
04:18:26:00      landscape, hills + clouds + houses
05:20:20:00      vultures flying
04:22:02:00      man cooking jalebis / orange rural hills sweetmeat jalebi
04:23:19:00      man selling pictures
04:23:40:00      vendors selling bangles + necklaces
04:24:12:00      temple entrance (on the way to Nanda Devi Temple)
04:25:37:00      goat + people putting cloth on the goat + people worshiping the goat
04:26:39:00      women coming down the stairs of her house
04:27:18:00      people worshiping Nanda Devi Temple
04:29:32:00      close shot of essence burning 
04:29:53:00      pandits reading
04:30:37:00      Nanda Devi + people praying
04:31:33:00      entrance of a temple on way to Nanda Devi Temple
04:32:05:00      vendors outside the temple
04:32:30:00      close up of Nanda Devi
04:33:08:00      goat + people worshipping the goat

TAPE 5          

05:00:00:00     close up of goat 
05:01:17:00     man dancing, possessed with spirits (tantrik spell)
05:02:57:00     pandit trying to light a fire
05:04:01:00     Possessed man dancing under a spell
05:07:41:00     men and women dancing
05:08:39:00     fire burning
05:10:25:00     Villagers surrounding all those who are dancing
05:12:41:00     man pouring water over all those who are dancing
05:13:10:00     men dancing
05:13:29:00     people standing
05:14:04:00     man coming in with an umbrella + people throwing rice on him 
05:15:37:00     man crying
05:16:06:00     people walking
05:17:24:00     man crying followed by people
05:20:17:00     people walking up the hill
05:21:20:00     people looking from top of the hill (overview)
05:23:33:00     people crossing the little stream
05:25:26:00     people working on the path
05:27:30:00     camera focussing on people with the hill on the background
05:28:26:00     overview of people walking along the path
05:29:40:00     camera focussing on people walking up the hill
05:31:07:00     people dancing
05:32:17:00     large gathering of people


06:00:17:00      temple entrance
06:00:38:00      water inside the temple
06:00:58:00      women walking towards the temple
06:01:52:00      Goddess
06:02:43:00      village scene + people standing
06:03:21:24      people sitting + their hands folding
06:03:50:00      temple + priest sitting inside the temple
06:04:20:00      stone temple
06:05:34:00      man inside the temple
06:06:34:00      women going inside the temple + coming out from the temple
06:07:08:00      village + people
06:07:49:00      landscape + view from the temple
06:08:09:00      people eating on rooftop
06:08:31:00      food being served to people
06:09:18:00      people going down the hill
06:09:35:00      food being eurved
06:10:56:00      women eating
06:11:27:00      Goddess
06:11:52:00      people praying + standing to worship the Goddess
06:13:44:00      women sitting down
06:14:51:00      procession starting from the village again
06:19:57:00      people praying + man dancing + offering Prasad / prasadam
06:22:31:00      people dancing
06:23:19:00      people worshiping the God
06:25:00:00      goat moving in the crowd
06:25:53:00      people worshiping the God
06:26:25:00      camera focuses on the four horns of the God
06:27:02:00      procession start moving again
06:28:00:00      goat leading the procession
06:29:52:00      women singing
06:31:29:00      goat eating the leaf on the pavement
06:32:15:00      drummer man / drums / drum


07:00:26:00      goat walking
07:01:13:13     procession + umbrella
07:02:20:00      people walking down
07:02:42:00      people + procession crossing the bridge and river flowing under the bridge
07:05:15:00      river pan shot from river to people
07:06:54:00      people sitting and waiting for the procession
07:07:29:00      landscape
07:08:24:00      women waiting for the procession
07:09:57:00      car passing by
07:10:14:00      people waiting and using their umbrella 
07:12:16:00      procession coming up the hill
07:14:52:00      large gathering of people
07:15:37:00      incense burning
07:16:37:00      people praying under the tree
07:16:58:00      worship place under the tree
07:17:20:00      group of people singing
07:18:59:00      women wearing many earrings / ear rings
07:19:22:00      small hut + temple stones
07:20:16:00      insect
07:20:30:00      procession moving
07:23:36:00      large gathering of people
07:24:58:00      goat
07:25:36:00      women dancing
07:26:01:00      goat (black)
07:26:42:00      people on the tree
07:28:24:00      large crowd of people control by police
07:29:54:00      people trying bangles + putting cloth on the umbrella
07:31:26:00      people throwing rice on the crowd
07:32:29:00      people on the tree


08:01:56:00      procession moving
08:03:01:00      people visiting temple
08:03:20:16      honey bees / honeybee on a rock
08:05:17:00      stone carving of Ganesha (God)
08:05:49:00      procession moving up the hill
08:08:51:00      people eating food
08:09:33:00      greenish blue coloured houses
08:10:19:00      close up of a door + God + Goddess
08:11:47:00      close up of the goat (sitting)
08:12:00:00      coins lying next to the goat’s feet
08:12:53:00      close up of the goat’s horn + nose
08:14:00:00      people worshipping Nanda Devi
08:15:41:00      Nanda Devi close up
08:17:29:00      people worshipping Nanda Devi
08:20:24:00      people dancing
08:21:00:00      women standing and singing
08:23:00:00      man carrying a  placard
08:25:10:00      goat climbing up the hill
08:25:12:00      shot of the town below
08:28:54:00      shot of some plant (Saussurea?)
08:29:22:00      people walking in misty conditions
08:30:27:00      shot of the misty hill
08:31:04:00      long trail of people

TAPE   9

09:00:20:00      man running with his umbrella
09:01:43:00      group of men with orange umbrellas walking down
09:02:48:00      people clustered at a two storied building
09:04:10:00      people performing puja / pooja / prayer
09:05:28:00      the goat sitting down relaxed
09:00:54:00      man putting tika / teeka / vermillion on woman’s forehead
09:08:46:00      people on the terrace
09:09:38:00      men possessed and in a trance
09:10:12:00      women crying
09:11:01:00      on their village to another village
09:13:12:00      focussing on a banner
09:14:10:00      people looking at the group approaching
09:15:57:00      shot on leaves
09:16:29:00      shot of the village
09:17:58:00      the goat continuing its walk
09:20:16:00      people walking up again
09:21:02:00      shot of the long trail of people walking up
09:22:05:00      shot of the mist approaching
09:22:48:00      shot of the mist on the hill + people walking up
09:25:35:00      people walking up the hill into the mist
09:26:40:00      man sitting down with umbrella
09:27:36:00      shot of the goat with people in the background
09:28:43:00      goat chewing something
09:29:49:00      women singing
09:31:08:00      men dancing with their hands in the air
09:31:58:00      shot of the goat
09:32:19:00      close up of the goat
09:32:36:00      goat chewing

TAPE 10        

10:01:00:00      people drinking tea
10:02:01:00      man serving tea
10:03:17:00      people shouting
10:04:04:00      people walking down and singing
10:05:04:00      people walking down with umbrella
10:06:33:00      aerial shot of the village below
10:10:03:00      men being carried (a possessed man)
10:12:02:00      possessed man being refreshed with a glass of water
10:12:50:00      man blowing trumpet
10:13:32:00      shot of a ‘Murti’ / murthy / murti / religious statue
10:15:12:00      people walking round the temple
10:15:50:00      people walking down
10:16:19:00      commotion
10:18:03:00      people looking into the house
10:20:17:00      shot of a statue
10:20:38:00      shot of a banner
10:22:28:00      shot of water
10:22:47:00      man ringing the bell
10:23:29:00      shot of Murti
10:24:43:00      close up of water coming out
10:25:34:00      close up of two Murtis
10:27:29:00      shot of the fields
10:27:57:00      women with nose ring
10:29:24:00      man (possessed) running with photographer chasing him!
10:30:34:00      walking towards temple
10:31:22:00      people dancing and making noise

TAPE 11        

11:00:19:00      people dancing in front of a temple entrance
11:01:13:00      women sitting on the side way near the field, pan from women to the field
11:12:10:00      people dancing
11:04:26:00      crowd standing and waiting outside the temple
11:04:54:00      procession starts, people with umbrella leading
11:06:33:00      people dancing
11:07:17:00      people standing around and watching the other people dance
11:07:57:00      close up of people with umbrellas dancing
11:08:57:00      procession crossing green fields
11:10:00:00      procession moving through a crowd
11:11:52:00      close up of a person possessed and in a trance
11:13:12:00      procession moving Chamoli
11:15:18:00      people crossing thick green grass
11:15:47:00      people walking down the hill and zoom out from
11:16:29:00      waterfall + people coming down the hill
11:17:03:04      procession crossing the small wooden bridge
11:21:00:00      green trees – zoom out people walking through the thick trees
11:22:36:00      pan from treetop to the procession – top angle shot
11:23:16:00      goat climbing the hill followed by the people
11:25:09:00      people with umbrellas walking up the hill
11:02:22:00      ___________________
11:26:47:00      moth brown coloured
11:27:18:00      black moth with stripes on its upper wings
11:27:51:00      two brown moth – pan to black moth
11:28:50:00      mountain and clouds
11:29:31:00      men dressed in white and faces coloured, pan from their feet to their face
11:31:48:00      people dancing and surrounded by people

TAPE 12        

12:01:52:00      two men dressed
12:04:30:00      four men dancing and people sitting around them and watching
12:05:27:00      close up of the drums
12:05:56:00      hill and terrace
12:06:34:00      village on the hill pans to huts
12:07:03:00      huts and winding roads in the background
12:07:28:00      close up of the horn, the red flag fluttering
12:08:25:00      close up two horns and flag
12:08:57:00      two boys sitting on the doorway of a hut and sipping tea
12:09:44:00      boys walking out of their house
12:10:19:00      pan from the curving of the door to the two boys sitting  on the door way
12:10:55:20      close up of a women and child sitting on the door way
12:11:08:11      close up of the beehive inside a wood trunk
12:12:10:00      _______
12:12:36:00      women walking down a rocking hill and river flowing below the hill
12:13:12:00      large gathering of people sitting on the hill
12:15:29:00      close up of a women smoking
12:16:12:00      procession crossing the bridge
12:17:03:00      goat crossing the bridge
12:17:33:00      ______ crossing the bridge
12:18:28:00      close up of a pine tree
12:20:11:15      procession can be seen through the tree
12:21:05:07      procession walking across the bridge
12:27:05:00      river flowing
12:27:59:00      two men with umbrellas being carried on the back of two men
12:30:43:00      procession on walking across the hill
12:31:17:00      pan from hill to procession moving
12:31:34:00      time lapse – evening shot – clouds


13:00:35:00      pan from the sunlight to the temple below
13:01:04:00      a god stone carving of
13:01:10:00      people worshiping
13:02:22:00      a man possessed
13:03:11:00      close up women throwing rice
13:03:34:00      a man carries another man dancing with an umbrella!
13:04:27:00      women dancing
13:05:08:00      close up of two twin white temples
13:05:28:12      market place
13:06:04:00      close up of a woman
13:08:00:00      river
13:08:43:00      goat leading the procession
13:09:31:00      close up the goat
13:09:31:00      a man distributing fruit
13:11:25:00      procession moving across a village and a river flowing nearby
13:12:59:00      procession crossing a bridge
13:13:28:00      village
13:14:24:00      close up people, old man and woman
13:14:47:00      man praying (pink)
13:15:07:00      man praying
13:15:41:00      close up of a goddess
13:16:55:00      people on the roof
13:17:25:21      Nanda Devi palanquin of goddess carried by many men on their shoulders
13:18:02:00      followed by people
13:18:32:00      close up of the goat
13:19:05:00      pan shot of the goat to people
13:19:46:00      pan shot of people to goat
13:20:04:00      close up of the goat and her two extra horns
13:21:00:00      a woman grounding rice and surrounded by her children
13:22:09:00      butterflies – black border with pista green spots on the wings
13:23:18:00      procession moving up the hill and river flowing below
13:24:03:00      river + hill + people
13:24:54:00      people climbing up the hill and goat in the picture
13:25:49:00      pan of a river to the people walking on the hill
13:26:33:00      people walking
13:28:31:00      flowers and people behind the flowers
13:29:35:00      close up of the temple
13:30:39:00      cars of the ministers moving across the village
13:31:09:00      cars and bus moving on the hill

TAPE 14        

14:00:46:16      people walking on the road up the hill
14:01:34:00      birds nest on the tree
14:02:00:00      procession moving
14:03:34:10      two men ___________ the horns
14:05:43:00      people dancing and walking in the procession
14:08:29:00      white balance not correct (procession moving)
14:10:54:00      man with sword
14:12:40:00      temple
14:12:58:00      people worshipping Nanda Devi
14:13:43:00      close up of the goddess
14:14:04:00      pandits praying
14:14:20:00      close up of a pandit ring the bell
14:14:41:00      close up of a sheep with 4 horns (white in colour)
14:15:15:18      close up of the sheep horn
14:15:50:00      pan from temple entrance to the umbrellas
14:16:42:00      close up of a man under umbrellas
14:17:23:12      close up of old man talking about Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra
14:24:45:00      procession focus on the umberallas
14:26:24:00      man blowing a horn
14:27:36:00      pan shot from people standing at the side to the men whose dancing with                           umbrellas
14:29:10:00      people worshipping Nanda (black)
14:30:57:00      close up of a saint with long hair
14:36:18:00      close up of a woman wearing a long ‘Nuth’ / nath / nose ring / nosering / bullakh / bulakh
14:31:55:00      ______________________________
14:32:03:12      mountains and clouds and huts
14:32:41:00      huts in a row


15:00:33:29      close up of snow covered mountain peak
15:03:30:00      close up of the huts
15:04:08:00      women with baskets walking up
15:04:37:00      pan from top to the tree to the man sitting under tree
15:05:31:00      white
15:05:49:00      village scene
15:06:13:00      sheep gazing
15:06:24:15      man putting wood in his basket
15:07:45:00      mountain + huts + clouds
15:08:25:00      close up of the village
15:08:82:00      white sheep walking
15:10:31:00      bonfire
15:11:03:16      procession moving around the fire
15:21:08:20      men praying
15:26:19:00      snow covered peak
15:28:56:00      bird
15:30:06:00      birds
15:32:39:00      people on a rooftop


16:00:09:00      Nanda Ghunti / Nandaghunti and Trishul peaks
16:01:22:00      close-up of women
16:03:10:00      village and village activities
16:04:26:00      griffon vulture
16:09:28:00      butterfly on a dried flower
16:09:57:00      brown bird
16:11:14:00      hill and huts
16:12:05:00      bird (yellow cast) yellow beak and long tail (Yellow billed Blue Magpie?)
16:13:19:02      pink flower – long stem
16:13:57:00      pink flower
16:15:16:00      blue butterflies sitting on white flower
16:16:06:00      black butterflies on white flowers (Stellera chamaejasme)
16:18:00:00      people walking on a hill
16:18:34:00      butterfly sitting on the grass and on a Primula
16:20:16:00      Eel
16:20:31:00      waterfall
16:21:28:00      small pink flower with _______ in the background
16:21:45:00      ________ people walking with umbrella
16:23:36:29      pink flowers
16:24:09:00      people walking under the banner
16:24:19:00      people walking towards camera with umbrella
16:26:00:00      people coming Nanda Devi
16:26:30:00      close-up of  Nanda Devi ______ (puja)
16:32:45:00      close-up of woman

TAPE 17        

17:00:47:00      close-up of Nanda Devi
17:03:25:00      large gathering of people
17:04:05:00      camera inside the house
17:04:36:00      people dancing
17:06:28:00      people dancing, close-up
17:07:00:00      people watching for him __________
17:07:30:00      man with his horn (baza)
17:10:26:00      close-up of people
17:10:52:00      L.S. of Nanda Devi palanquin / idol being carried by people
17:12:20:00      L.S. of umbrellas
17:12:53:00      man singing
17:13:07:00      L.S. of umbrellas
17:13:23:00      pan from a flag to the gathering standing below
17:15:16:00      close-up of goat (black)
17:15:46:00      goat eating lotus
17:16:06:00      L.S. of people walking
17:06:40:00      people walking along with the goat
17:17:11:00      close-up of Nanda Devi, people praying
17:18:00:00      goat standing next to Nanda Devi’s image
17:19:50:00      people waling up the hill
17:20:24:00      close-up of man’s feet (walking)
17:23:51:00      flower (pink)
17:24:04:00      lake with people around it, at the Buggyal
17:25:23:00      long shot of people walking
17:26:17:00      people walking up the hill
17:29:53:00      people walking up the hill with the goat
17:31:06:00      focus on people’s feet
17:31:26:00      goat walking up the hill with the people
17:31:57:00      focus of Nanda Devi, pan to people sitting next to Nanda Ghunti
17:32:00:00      close-up of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul
17:33:00:00      pan shot from the top of the tree to Nanda Devi
17:33:34:00      close-up of Nanda Devi


18:00:04:00      close-up of Nanda Devi
18:02:04:00      close-up of umbrella
18:02:35:00      close-up of Nanda Ghunti
18:03:20:00      goat walking               
18:05:10:00      close-up of horse grazing
18:05:38:00      moss covered tree + people walking
18:05:57:00      tents being pitched by people while it is drizzling
18:06:22:00      people carrying Nanda Devi
18:07:47:00      people standing and praying
18:11:10:00      people walking up the hill
18:11:49:00      purple flower ( Jacob’s Ladder – Polemonium caeruleum)
18:12:25:00      pink flower (macrophylla)
18:14:40:00      people walking up the hill long shot
18:15:02:00      clouds moving
18:15:20:00      long shot clouds moving and hill
18:15:48:00      people walking up the hill
18:16:16:00      people walking pan to the tent below
18:16:59:00      tents
18:18:36:00      khhachar / mule / khachar grazing
18:19:08:00      tents and people camping
18:19:53:00      pan shot from one end of the tent to other
18:20:54:00      lake and tents in the side
18:22:49:00      dark evening shot of the lake + people walking
18:23:14:15      evening shot (orange sky) Pan
18:24:20:00      sky
18:27:37:00      orangish yellow sky
18:29:46:00      Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peaks
18:30:50:00      pan shot of hill + Nanda Devi Peak
18:32:08:00      sunlight on the peak
18:32:44:00      long shot of Nanda Devi Peak

TAPE 19        

19:00:58:00      long shot of Nanda Devi’s Peak
19:06:57:00      long shot of a lake + Nanda Devi’s Peak
19:08:19:00      snow covered peak of Nanda Devi
19:10:02:00      lake of Roopkund / Rupkund / Roop kund / Rup kund
19:12:08:00      hills and cloud
19:12:26:00      peak of nanda devi
19:14:21:00      pan shot from one end of the peak to other end
19:14:53:12      khhachhar (mule)
19:15:17:00      lake kund
19:16:20:00      people, tent (pan shot from the mule to the lake)
19:17:21:00      people bathing in the lake
19:18:33:12      procession moving beside the lake
19:19:14:00      long shot of people + hill + lake
19:20:06:00      procession moving around a big chunk of stone
19:20:57:00      long shot of peak + lake + people
19:21:00:00      procession
19:21:42:00      mule
19:21:52:00      pan shot from mule to the lake
19:22:19:00      close-up of umbrella
19:23:06:16      people bathing in the lake
19:24:11:00      people (crowd)
19:24:21:00      people worshipping the lake
19:24:49:00      snow covered peak
19:25:12:00      long shot of mule + hill + peak + people walking
19:26:02:00      long shot of people sitting on the hill + clouds
19:26:29:00      pan shot of one end of the mountain to other end
19:26:57:00      pan shot from over end of the mountain to another end
19:27:48:00      mule
19:28:16:00      green hills + clouds + mountain peak
19:28:39:00      long shot of people walking up the hill
19:29:36:00      snow covered peak of Nanda Devi
19:31:02:00      long shot of people walking
19:31:23:00      snow covered peak of Nanda Devi
19:31:40:00      people walking outing – zoom out shot to a long shot of the hill and tents                            and lake
19:32:45:00      lake, clouds + people with band.

TAPE 20         

20:01:12:00      close-up of Nanda Devi
20:02:24:00      pundits praying
20:02:56:00      close-up of Goddess
20:03:15:00      lake
20:06:23:13      people climbing up the hill
20:09:29:00      goat walking followed by the people
20:11:17:18      people walking up the hill
20:16:43:00      long shot of people walking
20:11:18:00      raining + long shot of people walking
20:20:46:00      long shot of blue tents
20:21:33:00      pan shot from below the hill to the tent
20:21:48:00      pan shot of the hill to the tent
20:22:48:00      long shot of people walking up the hill
20:23:10:00      Nanda Devi idol  being sheltered in the cave
20:24:18:00      close-up of a bamboo umbrella
20:24:41:00      clouds moving + hill
20:25:11:00      pan from the rocky mountaintop to the man below
20:26:01:00      man sitting with his back to the camera
20:27:23:00      tents
20:29:55:00      people walking
20:31:12:00      people walking down the hill
20:31:52:00      close-up of people walking
20:32:15:00      long shot of people walking up the hill

TAPE 21       

21:00:41:00      people walking up the hill
21:02:36:00      close-up of people
21:02:57:00      close up of Nanda Ghunti / Nandghunti Peak
21:06:19:00      purple flowers
21:06:55:00      white flowers
21:07:31:00      Nanda Devi’s Peak + cloud and Brahma’s lotus Brahmakamal / Brahma kamal / Bhramkamal – Saussurea obvallata
21:09:08:00      pan shot from one end of the peak to another end
21:09:35:00      people walking up the hill
21:10:39:00      long shot of people walking
21:11:10:00      pan shot of people walking from one end to another
21:11:40:00      close-up of Nanda Devi mountain
21:12:28:00      long shot of people walking up the hill
21:12:52:03      pan shot of people walking from one end hill to another end
21:14:37:00      people walking up the hill
21:15:12:00      pan from the base of a mountain to the people walking
21:15:48:00      purple flowers
21:16:09:00      people waiting to move
21:18:26:00      close-up of people walking up the hill
21:19:29:00      pan from people at lower level to higher level – raining
21:21:08:00      people walking with umbrellas on the hill + raining
21:24:52:00      close-up of skull and bones
21:25:32:00      black bones + raining
21:26:22:00      close-up of bones + water
21:27:57:00      close-up of body with shoes strewn around
21:28:14:00      a man praying at a damaged skull, with injuries to the cranium
21:28:43:00      people walking up the hill
21:29:06:00      lake with green water (Roopkund / Rupkund / Roop kund / Rup kund)
21:29:57:00      long shot of people walking
21:30:21:00      people moving down the hill with help of rope
21:36:26:00      snow covered mountain
21:31:46:00      people moving up the hill
21:32:14:00      people moving down the hill
21:32:40:00      close-up of the tents
21:33:06:00      people walking


22:00:39:00      people walking down the hill
22:03:27:00      people walking up the hill
22:03:48:00      people walking through rocky terrain
22:07:00:00      people walking
22:08:17:16      people walking crossing a stream
27:08:30:00      white flower (Stellera chamaejasmae)
22:08:46:00      purple flower
22:08:55:00      whitish purple flowers
22:09:29:00      people walking + raining
20:09:55:00      people crossing stream
22:11:21:00      people climbing up + raining
22:14:00:00      river – blue + purple cast
22:13:28:00      people offered food
22:14:39:00      people eating food
22:15:00:00      focus on a man
22:15:50:00      people eating
22:16:08:00      man putting tika / tikka / vermillion on forehead, for people
22:17:46:00      procession
22:18:22:00      river flowing + bridge
22:19:24:00      shot of 2 rivers
22:19:58:00      entrance of Nanda Devi sanctum
22:20:19:00      procession entering the temple (white balance not perfect)
22:22:13:00      people worshipping the Nanda Devi
22:23:14:00      people possessed
22:24:19:00      people
22:25:51:00      man dancing
22:27:55:00      close-up of Nanda Devi
22:28:11:00      people worshipping of Nanda Devi
22:29:11:00      close-up of man ringing the bell
22:29:56:00      Pandir / holy man putting tika
22:30:20:00      pundits sitting
22:30:42:00      people sitting close + pan from one end to another
22:31:26:00      a person talking (blue cast to shot)

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