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wildCOVfox Himalayan Wildlife is an extensive compilation of nearly three decades of amateur, but consistent and reasonably scientific, fieldwork and photography interspersed with urban breaks. This is not a scientific work, but a field guideā€”for starters and wildlife enthusiasts, for school and college students, tourists, travelers and aesthetes of the Himalayan kind…
Himalayan Flowers is a simple, aesthetic and easy-to-use field guide about Himalayan Flowers with breathtaking photographs and illustrations. A must have book for trekkers and adventurers… flowerrCOV
bflycover birdcover
Himalayan Butterflies and Himalayan Birds are extensive compilations of nearly three decades of research. The books includes fascinating photographs of rare and endangered species of Himalayan birds and butterflies.
Bharatpur: The Birds of Keoladeo Ghana is all about Bharatpur which has been the wetland focus of the entire south Asian region, perhaps the most prominent migratory bird locale of the region, and is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of visitors. bhaprcover
All these books are compilations of several decades of consistent and reasonably scientific (albeit amateur) fieldwork and photography. These are not scientific works. They are field guides for starters and advanced outdoor enthusiasts alike, for school and college students, tourists, travelers and aesthetes of the wilderness kind… The end result is a series of thoroughly readable field guides, that can be referred to in the field just as easily as they can be pleasurably thumbed through in the city! To purchase books or for publishing/distribution enquiries, write to: For other print and publishing services, please click here.

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