Pancheswar Catalogue


01:04 Yellow flower with thorns
01:58 Purple flowers
03:35 Flowers and butterfly
06:45 Loha Ghat / Lohaghat market area
07:11 CU’s of an old man
07:50 Mountain view from Loha Ghat
09:55 Black butterfly
14:27 Pan of trees and wild flowers
          Pan of river Kali Ganga
17:31 CU of river
18:00 Sadhu on rocks
18:28 CU of river ( Sangam of Kali Ganga and Saryu?)
20:15 Vijay Soni (VS) with fishing rod and a dog
20:44 VS with fishing rod
21:25 CU of river
23:54 various shots of river
25:30 temple and river
28:15 VS with fishing rod
28:30 green trees, leaves and ferns
32:40 red flower
33:15 Pan and tilt-ups of the red flower
40:50 Purple flower
44:40 temple 
46:30 various idols inside the temple( Shiva / Shiv / Parvati)
49:30 wild purple flowers
51:00 Trees
52:17 Green bird
52:29 Nest of the bird


00:48 Loha Ghat city
01:52 CU of women in Loha Ghat
03:30 vehicles and people in Loha Ghat
04:29 Vijay Soni (VS) driving through Loha Ghat
06:30 Drive across a bridge 
08:27 Drive through Loha Ghat
08:59 Getting down from the car
09:13 Eating stall
09:36 Way to Pancheswar
10:08 Pancheswar valley
11:53 Vijay Soni and Mr. Mann viewing the surroundings through a binocular
12:38 Clouds and hills
14:30 Terraced fields
15:01 Long shots of Kali Ganga and of main Pancheswar
15:17 Trees and Kali Ganga
17:06 Black clouds
18:30 VS with two dogs
19:23 A bird perched on a tree
21:06 another bird
22:01 pitching tents in Pancheswar
24:51 Pan shots of Kali Ganga (KG)
26:29 An Eagle at the water
27:40 Pan shot of the flight of the eagle
28:60 the eagle perching on a tree
29:15 Pan shots of the flight of vultures
31:30 Vultures in water
34:35 vultures walking on pebbles
35:01 Flight of a vulture and landing on a stone in the water
37:23 Two vultures
38:37 A pair of vultures
39:20 a Vulture feeding on water creatures
40:41 Three (3) vultures fighting
43:23 Pan shots of the hillocks and the Kali Ganga river
44:29 still shot of the river (KG)
44:46 A Vulture standing on pebbles with its wings open
45:47 Vulture eating and drinking
50:10 Flowing water and vulture 
50:49 Three vultures on the shore
51:08 VS getting ready to swim (putting on flaps)
52:30 CU of VS
53:07 VS getting into the river to swim
53:42 VS swimming with his 2 dogs
54:57 VS with fishing rod
55:17 putting bait into the hook
55:36 VS throwing the line into the river
57:28 Long shot of VS fishing in the river
1:00:27 Long shot of the hills nearby and the river
1:01:13 flowing water


00:01 flowing water
01:01 a Mahaseer fish / mahsee
01:60 CU of the fish
01:22 CU of the fish breathing with its mouth open
02:44 the fish with its mouth wide open
04:26 VS standing on a rock and fishing
06:15 VS walking into the river
07:14 People cooking food in the campsite
07:55 CU of cooking 
08:40 fish pieces in a plate 
09:18 the crew resting and chatting among themselves
10:10 village market
10:22 CU of a man in the market
11:50 back in the tent with the fishing rod
12:35 CU of fishing rod
16:15 VS walking into the forest 
16:57 a bird
17:40 VS and Mann walking over a bridge at Pancheswar
18:20 Shot of the river Saleu?? from the bridge 
20:00 Long shot of the bridge
21:25 hills and river Saleu
22:54 local villagers and children walking over the bridge
26:24 VS fishing
29:31 Pancheswar temple
30:12 Interiors of the temple
35:30 CU of temples bells which are over 500 years old
38:47 CU of a cow idol inside the temple
41:33 a fish being pulled out from the water
42:45 Outside view of a temple near the river
43:07 a fish on the shore (snakefish??)
44:06 vultures on the shore among the pebbles
44:35 Vultures feeding
47:30 VS and Mann cleaning and aligning the fishing reel and rod
49:48 VS going towards the river, dog barking in the background
50:40 cleaning fish for cooking
53:27 VS fishing
59:11 mid shot following VS


00:04 Wide shot of VS getting ready to fish
02:00 Going back to the tent
04:10 Pan shot of the flowing river
05:45 Baba / holy man near the river 
06:04 Pan shot of the temple near the river
07:07 Tilt- up shot from the river to Baba’s hut 
07:29 Pan shot of the river
08:20 Pan shot of the hills near the river
10:41 Mann catching a fish
11:27 Mann taking out the hook from the fish mouth
13:30 Pan shots of the river and the hills
15:49 vultures in the river
16:17 back at the tent packing up
20:10 Local villagers
20:33 a bird
21:10 removing a fallen tree from the road
22:13 CU of a man drinking tea
22:40 Local villagers near Loha Ghat
23:51 Interview with ———- beside Kali Ganga river
27:38 flowing water
38:00 Reflection of the sun in the water
32:58 A boy coming down towards the river
34:10 waiting for the catch
36:10 long pan shot of the Kali Ganga rive
38:29 Tilt-down shot of the Kali Ganga river
38:50 A poster of a man with a big fish
39:30 CU of the poster
39:35 CU interview with Mr. Surender (designation??)
42:04 Drive on the way to Loha Ghat
43:35 Near Bhim Taal
43:53 Tadpoles and water insects near Bhim Taal
45:20 Somall
45:30 CU of brook near Bhim Taal / Bhimtal
46:43 a bird
46:53 CU of a wild flower  (light purple in color)
48:05 wide shot of the wild flower
49:35 Long shot of the wild flower
50:39 a bird with an orange beak
51:39 CU of a white flower
52:20 Bee sucking nectar from a yellow flower
52:39 Long shot of the yellow flower
52:53 birds
53:10 small fish
53:45 schools of small fish
54:40 CU of fish eggs
57:01 wide shot of a school of bigger fish
58:56 Golden Mahaseer
01:00:04 Laboratory of Limnology Biology
01:00:24 Pan shot inside the lab
01:00:43 VS visiting the lab
01:00:50 a man explaining the types of fishes inside the lab
01:01:30 Bhim Taal fisheries
01:01:44 Sign board of Mahaseer Hatchery, Cold Water Fish
01:02:07 Bhim Taal
01:02:17 Dr. KK Vaas (Director) name plate


00:10 Mid shot of interview with Mr. KK Vaas, Director of the Mahaseer Hatchery   
03:18 CU interview of KK Vaas
05:36 Moving shot of Bhim Taal

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