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Wilderness Films India Ltd. provides the following services to the print and publishing industry at large. We are based in Delhi, India and are able to make use of digital and online workflows to service distant clients at competitive rates.

Photo and image sourcing

We conduct experienced and informed photo research (picture research) for publishing companies. We supply images on royalty-free or licensed use, or then on contractual basis using our large image archive consisting of almost 750,000 slides on 35 mm, taken throughout South Asia. We specialize in Indian wildlife images, but can get you just about anything you might need from the region. We also have a widespread network of local and international photographers, artists, and photo libraries.

Image enhancement/retouching/manipulation

We cover many image-related needs. We can commission, modify, or improve an image. We can also provide expert Photoshop skills where necessary.

Digital and traditional illustrations and artwork

We can source or generate original images to suit your brief.

Permissions (photos, illustrations, text)

We secure permissions for all forms of text and image reproduction.

Freelance writing

Wilderness Films is sensitive to the publishing industry’s tight budgets and deadlines.

For a quote or for further information, please contact us at wfi@vsnl.com or wfil@vsnl.net

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