MDV Catalogue

MDV Catalogue Wilderness Films stock footage
MDV 1,
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Base camp to Camp – 1 / Khumbu Ice Falls)
Avalanche shot. Climber at icefall. Fixing ice piton. Climbing with ice axe and crampons / tip top climbing. Going to Camp – 1. Putting on crampons. Going up Khumbu Ice Falls. CU of leader and Deputy Leader. Byte on net making. Crossing Khumbu Oce Fall. Pumori Peak.

MDV 2 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Khumbu Ice Falls / Making a Heli-Pad / Russians / Interview of Blind Climber)
LS of avalanche. Army team at Khumbu Ice Fall. Fixing ice pitons. c/u o fice axe, piton and decending climbers. Sherpa sardar. KIF to Camp I. Russian team byte about 8, 000 mt. peaks. Lhotse middle. Pumori. Rapelling. Himalayan peaks in the background

MDV 3 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Flight back to Kathmandu after Expedition – Aerial shots)
Helicopters about to take off. Back to Kathmandu. Namche Bazaar. Chopper refuelling. Arrival at Kathmandu airport. Commander of Gurkha Regiment congratulating the team.
MDV 4 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Beginning of the trek / Jiri to Faablu)
Jiri – women with baskets. Chopper landing. Buddhist Gompa. Trek from Bhandar to Sete. Prayer stones. Going down to the river. Halt at Kunja for tea. Junbesi. Faablu air strip. Goats. Pan from the Gompa.
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Bupsa to Base Camp, Khumbu Glacier)
En route Bupsa. WS of Thamserku / Thamsherku peak. Route to Gorakshep at 13, 000 ft. snow line. Climbing up the rock face. Last lodge before Base Camp. Tibetan Snowcock. Memorial to dead climbers. Pan from KIF to Everest. Khumbu Ice Fall. Reaching Base Camp.
MDV 6 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Labuche to Base Camp, Russian team, Tibetan Snow Cock)
6 hrs to Base Camp. Approach to Gorakshep. Pumori Base Camp. Memorial to dead Japanese climber. Yak and army jawan. Gorakshep approach and tea at Gorakshep. 1985 expedition memorial. Tibetan Snowcock with KIF in the background. Ice axe and piton. Climbing ropes and caribiners. Russian team and byte on 8, 000 ft. peaks. Pumori. Making a heli-pad. Crossing KIF. Rapelling down an ice wall.
MDV 7 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Kathmandu to Jiri to Shivalay to Bhandar to Sete- Junbesi to Lunthala)
Drive from Kathmandu to Jiri. Gauri Shankar peak. Trek from Jiri to Base Camp. Everest to Base Camp. Day 2- Shivalay to Bhandar. Buland Danda. Buland Danda to Bhandar. Bhandar to Sete. Tilt down a waterfall, stream, steep climb to Sete 10, 000 ft. Trek to Junbesi. Flowers on hillside, vulture, Lamjura Pass, rhododendrons. Arrival at Junbesi. Junbesi to Lumthala. Birds in flight.
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Takshunde pass to Nunthala, Gateway to Everest. Nunthala to Kharikola to Bupsa to Chaplang).
WS of Himalayan peak towards Nunthala. Photos of Everest Summiteers over the years. Peak, flower, Takshunde Pass – heading down to Nunthala. Gateway to Everest. c/u of orchid and w/s of rhododendrons, mystery orange breasted bird. Arrival at Nunthala, sunrise and snow peaks from Nunthala. Trekkers, sherpas, Maj. Kothial and Chanchal. Nunthala to Bupsa – Dudh Kosi River. Kharikola – photos of Everest summiteers. C/u of birds. Bupsa to Chaplang. Deputy Leader Conversation with a porter.
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Namche to Pheriche.

MDV 10
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Khumbu. Camp 2 to Camp 3. Camp 2 to Camp 1 at 22, 000 ft. Pumori, Canadian Expedition)
Crossing a crevasse. Climber talking to Ben Webster, leader of the Canadian team. Pumori, c/u/ of crossing a crevasse. Climbing up a ladder to get atop a snow block. Reaching Camp II. Camp II to Camp III route. w/s of mountain with climbers at 22,000 ft. Second attempt at KIF. Avalanche. Camp I to Camp II.
MDV 11 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(KIF to Base Camp. Camp I, Camp II, Camp III and Camp IV, Hillary’s Step, Summit from Camp I)
Climbers sliding down to Base Camp. Camp I to Camp II, Hillary’ s Step. Everest summit from Camp IV. Camp III from Camp IV. Dead body at Camp IV. Eric coming down KIF after summitting. Chilean girl summiteer. 00:00:12 – Rainbow above Lhotse. Camp II. Chilean team. Pan from Everest to snow.

MDV 12
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Khumbu Icefall)
First attempt at KIF. Prayer stones at Base Camp. Wearing crampons. Meandering crevasses and snowfall at KIF.

MDV 13
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Camp I. Mountain ranges. Lhotse ridge. Icefall doctors. Crossing KIF. Eric (blind man) going up to Camp I with walking stick. Base Camp and KIF after fresh snowfall.

MDV 14
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Inside a tent. Attempt at the summit. Eric. Tea and snacks at Base Camp. Leaving the Base Camp. Yaks, sherpas, old woman with prayer wheel at Namche Bazaar. Going to Khunde. Edmund Hillary Hospital. Monal chick. And adult monal.

MDV 15 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
(Leaving Base Camp. Loading at Namche)

MDV 16 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Interviews with Brig. Pushkar Chand (his experience at Kanchenjunga, Nilgiri etc.) and Maj. Tanwar of Everest Expeditoin of 1985, where 5 members died in a storm.

MDV 17
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Tape 1

MDV 18
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Tape 2

MDV 19 Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Tape 3

MDV 20
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Tape 4

MDV 21
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Collection from hard drive

MDV 22
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001

MDV 23
Indian Army Everest Expedition 2001
Collection from hard drive. 29 mins. of KVS and Hanuman statue.
MDV 24
Kailash Mansarovar – 1

MDV 25
Kailash Mansarovar – 2
Gurav Base and Rakshas Tal

MDV 26
Kailash Mansarovar – 3

MDV 27
Kailash Mansarovar – 4

MDV 28
Kailash Mansarovar – 5
Dolmal and Gauri Kund

MDV 29 Kailash Mansarovar – 6
Mansarovar Lake and Mountain Valley shots

MDV 30
Kailash Mansarovar – 7
Kailash Mansarovar

MDV 31
Kailash Mansarovar – 8

MDV 32
Kullu Dussehra – 1 (October, 2002)

MDV 33
Kullu Dussehra – 2 (October, 2002)

MDV 34
Kullu Dussehra – 3 (October, 2002)

MDV 35
Kullu Dussehra – 4 (October, 2002)

MDV 36
Kullu Dussehra – 5 (October, 2002)

MDV 37
Kullu Dussehra – 6 (October, 2002)

MDV 38
Kullu Dussehra – 7 (October, 2002)

MDV 39
Kullu Dussehra – 8 (October, 2002)

MDV 40
Alwar Child Marriages – 1 (May, 2003)

MDV 41
Alwar Child Marriages – 2 (May, 2003)

MDV 42
Alwar Child Marriages – 3 (May, 2003)

MDV 43
Alwar Child Marriages – 4 (May, 2003)

MDV 44
Mizoram / Nagaland -1
Train journey to Guwahati Railway Station. Sumo from Dimapur to Kohima. Kohima City. Staying with a local family. Preparing rice beer. Landscapes.

MDV 45
Mizoram / Nagaland -2
Preparing for the hunt and cleaning guns. Aerial view of Longse Village. Woman weaving. Going hunting in a truck. Hunting on foot, setting a trap, water storage in bamboo.

MDV 46
Mizoram / Nagaland -3
Moving on foot in the jungle. Crossing a river. Preparing dynamite sticks for blasting the river for fish. Small game animals. Taking dead fish out of the river. Shooting a drongo and searching for it. Setting a trap for birds.
MDV 47
Mizoram / Nagaland -4
Bird in a trap. Slash and burn / Jhoom cultivation. Silkworms. Longsa Village. Wild Cat hunted. Collecting water. Man with British army medals and certificates.

MDV 48
Mizoram / Nagaland -5
Longsa Village ambience. Skulls on house ceiling. Spinning cotton for weaving. Village rice mill. Folk song, winnowing rice, drinking rice beer / Pareng, husking rice.

MDV 49
Mizoram / Nagaland -6
Weaving. Longsa Village. Skulls on the ceiling of a house. Rice mill. Weaving a basket. Folk song.

MDV 50
Mizoram / Nagaland -7
Folk song. Drinking rice beer / Pareng. Harvest song. Winnowing rice on a tray. Cooking in a house. Ceremonial house. Church.

MDV 51
Mizoram / Nagaland -8
Husking rice and singing. Children playing. Graveyard. Longsa and Wokha Villages. Sunset. Singing around a bonfire.

MDV 52
Mizoram / Nagaland -9
Weaving. Longsa Village. Weaving a bag. Making a basket. Playing a guitar and singing. Moon time lapse. Selling beef. Slaughtering a pig.

MDV 53
Mizoram / Nagaland -10
Pig slaughter. Cow slaughter. Wokha market. Peach blossom. Breaking / quarrying a stone. Local nursery. Spider. Doyang River and dam.

MDV 54
Mizoram / Nagaland -11
Doyang to Wokha. Dog caught for meat / slaughter. Barking Deer remains. Hunters house. Slash and burn / Jhoom. Kohima market. Grubs and snails. Elephant Falls in Shillong, Meghalaya. Shillong Barabazaar.

MDV 55
Nagaland – 1
Fishing with nets. Rice beer making. Bamboo work.

MDV 56
Nagaland – 2
Fishing. Cooking river crabs. Making fishing traps with bamboo. Butterfly. Village. Old house. Local musical band. Longsa Village.

MDV 57
Lakhat – 1
Landscapes, clouds, Vultures, Prayer starts.

MDV 58
Lakhat 2

MDV 59
Lakhat 3
Besi- Puja/ Prayer once in 5 years, shots of half- moon.

MDV 60
Lakhat 4
Prayer shots, sunset and time lapse. Long shot of the horizon.

MDV 61
Lakhat 5

MDV 62
Lakhat 6

MDV 63
Lakhat 7
Prayer, Egyptian Vulture/ white Scavenger Vulture/ Pharaoh’s Chicken.

MDV 64
Lakhat 8
Prayer. Vultures

MDV 65
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 1
DMAS building, Jogging, PT with anchor, Bus, sign board of Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (DMAS) Hostel dormitory, museum, Anchor with DS Gulia. Artificial rock climbing/ Rock climbing wall, Obstacles. Lunch.

MDV 66
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 2
Obstacle course, Jogging, Manali town (Himachal Pradesh), Rock climbing, Rappelling. Instructors with students in DMAS.

MDV 67
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 3
River crossing, Dining hall, Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher’s byte, Lecture hall.

MDV 68
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 4
DMAS hostel and equipment store. Group task. Solang (Himachal Pradesh). Nature shots, Herd of sheep, Trek to Dhundhi, Kothi Camp.

MDV 69
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 5
Inside a tent. Bonfire at Solang, DMAS. Trek to the Base camp, Activities at the Advanced Base Camp, Time lapse of mountains wioth clouds, reading a map.

MDV 70
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 6
Base Camp (Bakrathatch – Shepherd’s Camp), Sunita C interview, Students eating lunch, Volleyball match, Bushcraft, Leaving Base Camp, Ice Craft.

MDV 71
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 7
Ice Craft, Time lapse- mountain scapes, leaving Advanced Base Camp, Packing Rucksacks and eating breakfast. AP at Ice craft area, Mr. Gulia’s byte.

MDV 72
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 8
Col. Chauhan with students at Advance Base Camp. Packing lunch for Camp 1. En route to Camp 1, Beaskund, Time lapse, panoramic view, Climbing Shitidhar and Manali peaks, time lapse of clouds.

MDV 73
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 9
Descending from Manali peak, Camp 1, Activities at Camp 1 and snowfall, Col Chauhan’s interview,. The mountainscapes, AP at Camp 1, Snowcraft, bytes of KV summiteers.

MDV 74
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 10
Coming back from Camp 1, Beas Kund bowl, KV students- interviews. Amar Singh- Everest climber, closing ceremony.

MDV 75
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 11
DMAS Campus, hostel, Interview Mr. Thakur, Interview Col Chauhan, A.P Introduction. Pong Dam- water sports.

MDV 76
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 12

MDV 77
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 13
Solar panels, Sarojini Nagar market- Delhi, Delhi slums

MDV 78
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – 14
Parasailing- Kanwar Sikka

MDV 79
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – Unmixed 1

MDV 80
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Adventure Film – Unmixed 2

MDV 81
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
(Feb 2004)
Green wheat, Mustard fields, Nilgai- blue bull – antelope. Awagarh Palace interiors. Old guns- antique firearms. Crocodiles, Purple Moorehen, Night Heron, Little Egret, Pond Heron.

MDV 82
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Village – rural life, Mustard fields, Eagle? Royal family tree, Antiques. Maharaja/ King of Awagarh- interview

MDV 83
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
() (Feb 2004)
Khas grass/ Vetiver grass, Patna Bird Sanctuary entrance, Bangle making, Khas / Vetiver loaded onto a truck, Khas/ Vetiver ittar/ perfume/ essence being made, Bead making, Pharaoh’s chicken/ Egyptian Vulture/ White Scavenger Vulture. Raptor?

MDV 84
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Jackal hunting in a grassland. Huge number of waterfowl in a wetland. Spoonbills, Crab, Parched dry earth, Duck, stilt, Duck and Geese flying.

MDV 85
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Bat in a Banyan/ Peepal tree. Generator- tractor contraption. Tractor. Goat herders, Slums demolition in New Delhi.

MDV 86
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Fort. Parakeets at their nests and mating. Rishi raj driving a Gypsy. Bazaar/ market footage, tubewell. Fort doors opening. Tikkis/ Potato cutlets being made.

MDV 87
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Approaching Awagarh in a Gypsy, Black-Winged/ Black Shouldered Kite. Black Winged Stilts. Sarus Cranes displaying a pre-mating dance- calling, trumpeting at sunrise, Hoopoe. Displaying Sarus Cranes at sunrise.

MDV 88
Awagarh, Uttar Pradesh
Purple Heron, Blackbuck, Awagarh town, Jackal. Blue Jay/ Indian Roller. Large Jheel/ Pond, Spoonbill, Jackal hunting ducks in the pond, Brahminy Duck, Jackal and Partridge sitting together.

MDV 89
Amarnath Yatra – 1
Signboards of Amarnath Yatra/ Pilgrimage. Sacks and cartons being loaded in trucks, Procession moving with trucks, Elephants, musical bands, camels etc. Dist

MDV 90
Amarnath Yatra – 2

MDV 91
Amarnath Yatra – 3

MDV 92
Amarnath Yatra – 4

MDV 93
Amarnath Yatra – 5

MDV 94
Amarnath Yatra – 6

MDV 95
Amarnath Yatra – 7

MDV 96
Amarnath Yatra – 8

MDV 97
Amarnath Yatra – 9

MDV 98
Amarnath Yatra – 10

MDV 99
Amarnath Yatra – 11

MDV 100
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 1
Sambhar Lake, Ajmer, Pushkar, En route to Jodhpur

MDV 101
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 2
Kheechan. Demoiselle Cranes

MDV 102
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 3
Kheechan, near the lake, Demoiselle Cranes

MDV 103
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 4
Kheechan, Chugga- ghar- where the grain for feeding the Demoiselle cranes is kept.

MDV 104
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 5
(2/1/03- 3/1/03)
Demoiselle Cranes near the lake. Desert Mice at night. Chugga- ghar/ grain/ feeding house/ store

MDV 105
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 6
(3/1/03 – 5/1/03)
Chugga ghar, Bulbul. Jozagadh. City shots, Makbara/ Tomb/ Mausoleum. Mosque/ Masjid. Bind. Janbo( Siddhi village)

MDV 106
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 7
Cheetal/ Spotted Deer. Landscape, Kesariya / Mahua flower, Demoiselle Cranes, Pelicans, Spoonbill and Peafowl. Bees. Partridge. Jungle Cat.

MDV 107
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 8
Demoiselle Cranes. Birds flying against rising sun. Blue Bull. Nilgai/ Antelope. Fox. Flamingoes. Jungle Cat. Rabbit/ Hare. Nightjar.

MDV 108
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 9
Flamingoes, Demoiselle Cranes, Seashore/ Beach/ Seascape/ waves. Jackal. Villagers. Wild Boar at night

MDV 109
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 10
Porbandar Lion

MDV 110
Gir/ Porbandar- Gujarat – 11
Also Jaipur Recce

MDV 111
Mountain Quail Expedition-1 (Nov 2001)
Landour. Wood pecker. Sunset time-lapse. Landscape. Moths. Himalayan Pied Woodpecker. Langurs. Eagle / Osprey.

MDV 112
Mountain Quail Expedition-2 (Nov 2001)
Landour. Eagle / Osprey. Time-lapse of clouds. Langur monkey. Butterfly. Yellow-throated Marten. Sunset. Bird shots. Forest. Woodpecker. Shrike. Eagle. Landscape.

MDV 113
Mountain Quail Expedition-3 (Nov 2001)
Landour. Butterfly. White-Cheeked Bulbul. Parakeet. Woodpecker. Male Jungle Fowl. Paradise Flycatcher. Landscape. Sunrise time-lapse. Martens mating.

MDV 114
Mountain Quail Expedition-4 (Nov 2001)
Landour. Martens mating. Birds. Clouds at sunset. Mountains and clouds. Langur. Eagle in flight. Clouds time-lapse.

MDV 115
Nanda Devi-1 (2001)
Book release of ‘For Hills to Climb’. Flag off ceremony of the Nanda Devi / Nandadevi expedition. Board at the spot where the man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag was shot. Machan. Black and yellow butterfly. Horse chestnut flowering. Dark Grey Bushchat with a green worm in its beak. Green butterfly, Common Tiger butterfly. Female thrush on a Spruce tree. Minivet on pine tree. Uttaranchal/Uttarakhand. Gorson. Himalayan Pied Woodpecker on the ground with clover flowers. Dragonfly. Walking on a path. Laughing Thrush on a rock. Rhododendron lepidotum flowers. Iris flowers. RD filming and photographing with Nikon and widelux camera at Gorson top. Pika / Mouse Hare. Filming with Sony Digibeta camera. Delicate white flowers on a tree. Peonia (paeonia) emodi Himalayan Peony. Orchid flowers Calanthe tricarinata ground orchid. Arisaema flowers.

MDV 116
Nanda Devi- 2 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Auli. Lata Village. Arisaema flowers good c/u shots. Chicks in a nest in the grass. RD talking to camera. Himalayan Weasel. Astrogallus leucocephalus flowers. Euphorbia flowers. Berberis aristata / Kashmal flowers. Yellow-billed Blue Magpie. Drive shots. Chat. Sulphur springs / hot springs. RD talking to camera. RD filming the hot springs with a Sony Digi camera. Lammergeier Vulture / Bearded Vulture in flight.

MDV 117
Nanda Devi- 3 (June 2001)
Uttaranchal. To Lata Village and back to Delhi.
Release of book- ‘For Hills to Climb.’

MDV 118
Nanda Devi-4 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Lata Kharak. Bhelta. Dharanshi.
MDV 119
Nanda Devi-5 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Dharanshi. Malatuni. Dibrughetta. Rishi crossing.

MDV 120
Nanda Devi-6 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Ramani Camp. Ramani slabs.

MDV 121
Nanda Devi-7 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Sarsarpatal. Temple. Nanda Devi

MDV 122
Nanda Devi-8 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Sarsarpatal. Clouds. Sarsarpatal Peak. Devisthan Ridge.

MDV 123
Nanda Devi-9 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Sarsarpatal. Sarsarpatal to Ramani – route Ramani Camp. Nanda Devi Peak / Mountain in Moonlight.

MDV 124
Nanda Devi -10 (2001)
Uttaranchal. Sarsarpatal to Patalkhan. Bhujgara / Bhujgaira.

MDV 125
Return To Nanda Devi-Unmixed Master

MDV 126
Return To Nanda Devi-Mixed Master

MDV 127
Panna – 1 (Madhya Pradesh)
Blue Jay / Indian Roller. Tickell’s Thrush. Cormorants. Cormorant trying to eat a fish. Jhirna. Mottled wood Owl.

MDV 128
Panna – 2 (Madhya Pradesh) (Also Nainital , Uttaranchal area)
Cloud time-lapses. Goral / Ghural / Gural. Monsoon- 2003. Panna / Ken River-Jan. 2004. Raneh Falls- Waterfall. Boat ride. Amateur Open-billed Stork.

MDV 129
Panna – 3 (Madhya Pradesh) (Dec 2003 to Jan 2004)
Panna National Park. Drive through the forest. Neelgai / Blue Bull /Antelope. Landscape / Forest shots. Civet Cat / Common Palm Civet / Toddy Cat. Egret. Lapwing. Tiger. Sambhar. Kingfisher. Langur. Spotted Deer / Cheetal. Elephant and baby Elephant. Ken River. Snake. Crab. Rats. Cow / herd of cows / Cattle.

MDV 130
Panna National Park
Crab, snake, tiger, dragonfly*, village, para gliding, diamond mine.

MDV 131
Panna – 5 (Madhya Pradesh)
Khajuraho Dance Festival – Kathak. People bathing at ghats of a pond – seems religious in nature / religion / Hindu / temple. Sambhar – mother licking baby. Langur, Tiger. Man extinguishing a forest fire. Tiger (shaky shot). Baby elephant chasing a woman. Panna Wildlife. Mahseer nets / Fishing nets Catching mahseer / fish in nets. Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher. Warbler.

MDV 132
Panna – 6 (Madhya Pradesh) Chanphi village.
(Uttaranchal). Polo Match.
Redstart. Chanphi Village. Polo Match. Military bands. 61st Cavalry display. (7/12/03) Panna. Ken River (13th -16th Jan 2004)

MDV 133
Panna – 7 (Madhya Pradesh) + Delhi Zoo
Panna (8 Oct, 2003) Delhi Zoo- animals and birds (22/10/03). Pelican. Painted Stork.

MDV 134
Panna Footage -1
Madhya Pradesh. Sloth Bear. Interview of a Sloth Bear victim. Dragonfly. Waterfall. Crab. Green bee-eater. Sparrow.

MDV 135
Panna Footage-2
Khajuraho dance footage. Mohiniattam. Kathak.

MDV 136
Panna + Corbett
() (May 2003)
Great fish owl, Brown fish Owl, Bats in a cave at night, New born chicks of Great Horned Owl. Corbett from Digi Beta tape Yellow wagtail, Black necked Stork and Gharial, Sambhar, Cheetal / Spotted Deer herd with a Gypsy passing by. Macaque on a tree. Elephant / tusker drinking water and taking a dust bath. Golden Oriole, elephant / tusker, Barking Deer / Kakar drinking water at a water hole.

MDV 137
() (May, 2003)
Bats in a cave. White eye (excellent shots). Nightjar. Stork billed Kingfisher.

MDV 138
Birds on the Ken River. Tiger. Good shots of King Cobra. Crocodile.

MDV 139
Panna Footage -6 ( 2003-2004)
Madhya Pradesh. Brown Fish Owl. Crocodile. Swifts. Swift nests. Cat.

MDV 140
Panna Footage -7 (Dec- Jan 2004)
Cave paintings at Panna. Caterpillar. Cremation. Interviews.

MDV 141
Panna Footage-8 (Feb 2004)
Grey-Headed Fishing eagle. Beetle in a Spider’s web. Frogs in a pond. Chausinga / Four-Horned Antelope. Langur. Nightjar calling on a tree. Night Jar chick with adult nightjar. Black-Naped Hare. Rusty spotted cat. Langur eating `Bel’ fruit. Immature Crested serpent Eagle. `Katbar’- fruit with Coppersmith / Crimson-breasted Barbet. Sambhar Deer. Pandav falls / waterfall with Vultures on nest. Brown Fish owl on a Kusum Tree. Crested Serpent Eagle on the ground. Painted sandgrouse. Dhole / Indian Wild Dog. Tree Shrew. Blue Jay / Indian Roller eating a grasshopper. Sandgrouse chick. Stork- billed Kingfisher eating a big fish.

MDV 142
Panna Footage-9 (Feb 2004)
Madhya Pradesh.Villagers. Mustard fields. Pipit. Blossom- headed Parakeets. Brick making / manufacture. Brick kiln. Tiger shot from Elephant-back. Red- breasted Flycatcher. Crested Serpent eagle. Elephant food being made. Grey Wagtail. Juri Nalla / Nullah. King Vulture. White Scavenger Vulture / Pharaoh’s Chicken / Egyptian Vulture. Long-billed Vulture. Pied Bush Chat. Green Moth. Five-striped Palm Squirrel. Crested Hawk Eagle. Moon. Ken River. Cow Skull. Close -Up of an elephant grazing. Brown Fish Owl at its nest. Leaf close-ups in sun. Sambhar deer feeding. Chowsingha or Four-Horned Antelope.

MDV 143
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka -1 (16/2/03)
Bangalore city. Urban life. Wasi. En route to Cauvery / Kaveri Fishing Camp. Galibore / Galibori fishing Camp. Haera fishing camp. Tent pitching. Moon time lapse.

MDV 144
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka -2 (17/ 18 -2-03)
First day of Mahseer / Mahaseer fishing. Mahaseer / Mahaseer fish in shallow water / pool. Anglers. Mahseer fish caught and released. Cleaning / maintenance of fishing equipment / tackle. Shots of Mr.Vijay Soni and Sunder angling / fishing. Sunrise. Angling / fishing. Catapult and Ragi bait.

MDV 145
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka – 3 (19/2/03)
Fishing at Galibori / Galibore. River and riverine / riverside landscapes. Catching a carp and releasing it. Camp activities. To Galibori / Galibore through rapids. Sunset at Galibori fishing camp. To Mekedatu fishing area. Water skaters. In a round boat / coracle.

MDV 146
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka – 4 (20/2/03)
Mekedatu. Arkavati and Cauvery / Kaveri Sangam / Confluence. Interview of David Plummer. Byte of British angler / fisherman. Vijay Soni at the camp. Murrel fishing. Sandalwood / Chandan tree.

MDV 147
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka – 5 ( 20-22/2/03)
Fishing downstream Hydra river. Sunset. Forest fire. Camp winding-up sequence. Malabar squirrel. Bhimeswari – John Wakefield byte. Mysore. E.J Vaningen sequence. En route to Ramnathpur.

MDV 148
Mahseer Fishing- Karnataka – 6 + Dance
( 22/2/03)
Fish at Ramnathpur. Temple shots. A goldsmith at work.
() (9.9.2006) (DSR 500 & J 20)
Bharatnatyam performance by Rini Aich @ Kamani Auditorium.

MDV 149
Mahseer Fishing- Corbett Ramganga
Halduparao (Dec 2001)

MDV 150
Mahseer Fishing- Ramganga -1 (April 2004)
Mahseer fishing in the Ramganga river in Corbett National Park. Underwater filming / shots. Lightning. Fishing / Angling.

MDV 151
Mahseer Fishing- Ramganga -2 (April 2004)
Uttaranchal. Yellow-backed Sunbird. Bhutia dog / Tibetan Mastiff / Sheepdog / Working dog. Fishing in the Ranganga River. A 45 pound Mahseer fish caught. A young child () catching a fish.

MDV 152
Mahseer Fishing- Ramganga -3(April 2004)
Corbett National Park.Uttaranchal.Yellow-backed Sunbird. Night shots. Moth. Ramganga River. Fishing in the Ramganga River. Underwater filming / shots.

MDV 153
Mahseer – Ramganga – 4
() (April, 2004)
Fish jumping in water. Forest fire at night. Interview with manager of Ramganga Resort.

MDV 154
Mahseer Fishing- Pancheshwar 1 (May- June 2003)

MDV 155
Mahseer Fishing- Pancheshwar 2 (May- June 2003)

MDV 156
Mahseer Fishing- Pancheshwar 3 (May- June 2003)

MDV 157
Mahseer Fishing- Pancheshwar 4 ( May- June 2003)

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