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Visit our Wild India Portal for information on the sights and scenes of India! We can scout out locations right across the length and breadth of India, and the subcontinent, for your feature or documentary production. We specialize in outdoor, wilderness and offbeat locations, especially in the Himalaya and the central Indian heartland. Besides, we have our own “Wilderness Mountain Quail field station cum bhooth bangla,” an 1804 haunted house replete with stories, history (the Amir of Afghanistan was kept hostage here, a leopard was shot from the sitting room window, and Wynberg Allen School started in this building, in the 1880’s…) and lots of local anecdotes. It is located a six-hour drive away from New Delhi, in the hills of Mussoorie, Uttaranchal, at an altitude of 7400 feet. We can book this location for your next feature or television series. Surrounded by 900 acres of virgin forest, there are several many-star hotels within 20 minutes’ driving distance away to house your cast and crew.  
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