Spas: Ananda in the Himalaya – voted by Condé Nast Traveller as the best spa in the world: massages, therapies, yoga, outdoor heated swimming pool, Tehri Palace lit up at night, library, old books and collections, gardens, Rishikesh and Haridwar, Ganga (Ganges river) from the Himalaya, storm in a Himalayan forest.

Vatika City, Gurgaon. A collation of imagery from one of the largest real estate residential projects in north India. The city of Gurgaon is a showcase for the modern Indian city, with high rise buildings, city centers, malls, multiplex cinema halls, residential complexes, office buildings, commercial areas, and gardens. This footage collection reflects the modern Indian urban lifestyle, including health clubs, restaurants, modern Indian homes, office environments, villa living, resort culture, architecture and art galleries. Family life images: by the poolside, images of driving in modern cars, corporate executives going to work and in the work place, shopping, mall and multiplex culture, and recreation. All footage is on high end Digital Betacam and was shot using cranes and tracks and trolleys, so it is of superlative quality.

Lead singer of the erstwhile Boney M in concert in Gurgaon – urban concert culture with a young audience attending a popular music concert, large crowds – hands in the air, open air concert milieu, with projection screens and high wattage speakers.

Sonia Gandhi inaugurating the AIDS Day concert at IIT Delhi, in 1995: exclusive multi-camera setup and coverage.

Cookery and culinary experiences from across India: Making of Rhododendron juice and jam, from the flowers of the Himalayan tree. Collecting, cleaning and cooking Himalayan morels – wild and highly prized mushrooms, known in the Himalaya as guchhi. Collecting, cooking and eating wild ferns, known locally as lengda. Special delicacies and desserts being made from Indian mangos – more than 800 varieties of mangos exist in India. Mango-eating competition. Jam and cheese making, brown bread and cinnamon rolls being made at Landour in the lower Himalaya, at Prakash’s, a British Raj era grocery store.

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