Sudan: Sudanese music and dance forms. (DVCAM; 4 hours)

Nepal: Extensive shots of Nepal, driving to Kathmandu, landing at Kathmandu airport, embarking onto Cosmos Airlines plane, VIP dignitary alighting from Mercedes on tarmac, Tribhuvan International Airport building, runway, passengers inside plane, taking off from Kathmandu airport, view of city from the air, baggage handling facilities, airport staff on runway.

Extensive footage on the drive from New Delhi to Kathmandu, as part of an expedition to Mt. Everest. Also, the entire journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, including towns along the way, Lukla Air strip, Jiri, Pheriche, Thyangboche, approach march, wildlife along the way – Thar (a rare Himalayan ungulate – Hemitragus jemlahicus), Monal Pheasant (national bird of Nepal), Tibetan Snowcock, Primula flowers, Rhododendron shrubs, and a lot more.

Bhutan: The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. From Paro in the west to Tashigang in the East, including beautiful landscapes, handicrafts and Dzongs – the fortified monasteries of Bhutan. The unveiling of the ‘thongdrel’ – the thirty foot high and fifty foot wide thangka or ancient religious painted banner on the Guru Rimpoche – the one who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. This religious banner is brought out for public viewing for only a few hours on the Guru Rimpoche’s birthday each year. We have filmed this on Digital Betacam in 1999 and on High Definition HDV in 2005, on that particular day which falls around 19th June each year. Access to Bhutan is heavily restricted, and few western visitors get to enter each year. Filming is not permitted for the most part, so this footage provides a rare and high quality glimpse into life in Bhutan.

Dzongs are religious fortified monasteries, seat of civil and religious power of the Drukpas or Druks, and are present around Bhutan. We have images of all the important ones, including Tashichho, Thimphu Dzong, Paro Dzong, Kurjey, Ta Dzong, Tashigang Dzong, Nyimalung, Jakar, Trongsa, Wandue Phodrang and Tashiyangtse. Also monuments at Chhendibji and Tashigangdzong – the only two Chortens in Bhutan, built in the Nepalese style, with eyes painted at the four cardinal points.

We also have the largest collection of footage on the dance and musical forms of Bhutan, shot during various festivals between 1982 and 2006.

Lifestyle in Bhutan: prayer flags, archery practice on the palace grounds near Tashichho Dzong, pheasant farm, lemon grass cultivation and processing in eastern Bhutan, mustard oil extraction process in factory, beer making process and factory for Red Panda brand in central Bhutan, marketplaces in central Bhutan – Bumthang, and Thimphu – the capital city. Weaving and other Bhutanese handicrafts at Chume village, architecture, carpentry, design and construction including the placement of a traditional Bhutanese window frame into a building. Festival atmosphere, with crowds and flea markets. Family life, farm life, urban and rural life, kids playing cricket, going to school, visiting the local monastery.

Bhutan: East-west motorway, Thimphu cityscapes, buildings lit up at night, King’s Coronation celebrations, Senior government officials hosting a state dinner for visiting dignitaries, with traditional Bhutanese masked dances. Archery on the palace grounds, Thimphu Chhu river and Takin (Budorcus taxicolor: a rare animal from South Asia, found only in Bhutan and the north east Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh) captive breeding center, Views of Thimphu valley from hilltop, Bhutan Broadcasting transmission tower hilltop. Tashigang in eastern Bhutan, Tashigang Dzong views and life inside the monastery, Thromsingla / Thumsingla pass, Pele La and Dochula passes. Central Bhutan, Bumthang and Mongar, Life in the villages and across the country. (Format: Digital Betacam; 12 hours.)

Dubai: undersea tunnel, airport, buildings, cityscapes, shopping centers, highways, cityscapes, skyline. (DVCAM; 3 hours)

Singapore: Singapore Zoo night safari, Jurong Bird Park, Aquarium, Raffles Hotel, Singapore River, the Merlion statue, Chinese temple, monorail, Sentosa Beach, Sentosa underwater world, fountain and laser show, tram station, inside trains / trams, harbour, views from the tops of buildings, general cityscapes and the night lights in Singapore. (DVCAM; 6 hours) Malaysia: Cityscapes, buildings, Petronas Twin Towers, drive though the city, palace of the King of Malaysia, War Memorial, church, National Mosque, Orchid Garden etc. South Africa and Swaziland: dances, villages, rural lifestyle, people, highways, border crossing. (DVCAM; 2 hours) Palau and Yap Islands, Micronesia, Western Pacific Ocean: This collection includes stunning imagery of shipwrecks, seascapes, the private lives of sea fish, coral reefs, sharks, whales, manta rays, rainbow fish, octopus and a wide variety of human interest stories relating to the sea, the stone currency of Palau island, diving and sea life. Includes 30 hours of Palau underwater, 9 hours of the Mandarin fish stock that was used to make a short film on the Rainbow Fish, 13 hours of Manta Rays and around 5 hours of excellent work on different shark species. WFIL exclusively represents the largest collection of still and video imagery from Palau and Yap, through an arrangement with our partner there. (DVCAM; 50 hours) Manta Rays: 10 hours of good clear footage including animals approaching and passing by the camera. Cleaning station behavior, mating season behavior, attempted mating (very rare) and close up shots focusing mainly on the head and underbelly, as the animals pass. We also have a few shots of Mantas appearing in the same shots (background and foreground) as Turtles and sharks. Sharks: 2 hours of good broadcast quality shots. Mainly feeding behavior at staged feeds. Includes Tiger shark footage as two animals eat a Manta Ray, but not making the kill. This footage in itself is very rare due to the pelagic characteristic of the Tiger Shark as a species. We also have Grey Reef sharks at staged feeds, hitting the camera, fast approaches, etc. Also, White Tip Reef sharks in natural surroundings on the reef, swimming by or lying on the sand. Blacktip Reef Sharks at feeds and on the reef. Other profile stock imagery includes Nurse Sharks, Leopard Sharks and a very quick encounter with a Whale Shark. Assorted Marine Life: 20 hours. Turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Garden Eels, Feather tail Stingrays, Marbled Stingrays, and many Reef fish species too numerous to list. Macro: 4 hours of good quality close up imagery of Nudibranchs (colorful underwater slugs) Mandarin fish, Shrimps, Crabs, Squid, Cuttlefish, Octopus species / Octopi, Coral Polyps, Whip Corals, Commensal shrimp and crabs (symbiotic relationships with hosts) Iceland: People, lifestyle, hills, wild / feral horses, horseback riding across wide open spaces and meadows, fjords, mountains, hot springs, streams, icy cold desert, home interiors, schools, bays, time lapses with sunlight and clouds, waterfalls, meadows, sunsets, clouds, life inside a wooden cabin, crossing cable bridge in wooden cable car, padre / priest giving sermon in pastoral church setting, gravestones in meadow, sheep dogs, horses on cross-country expedition, country church, cooking in kitchen, community dining, festivities, horses cantering across grassland and galloping through stream, examining archaeological human remains and bones, horse corral, aerials from helicopter, crane and jib shots of choir on river bridge location, walking on permafrost, burial of coffin in cemetery. WFIL exclusively represents the largest collection of still and video imagery from Iceland, through an arrangement with our partner in Iceland. (DVCAM; over 25 hours) Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh: we are currently negotiating purchase of copyright to collections from these countries.

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