Caterpillars of different sizes and colours

The entire butterfly life-cycle: egg, catterpillar, pupa, chrysalis, emerging butterfly, full-grown butterfly.

Lots of different butterflies of various shapes, sizes and colours

Large gatherings of butterflies on a stream-bed, in the summer months

Cicada drawing sap and spraying it in the air, from a tree: very dramatic shot!

Ants at work

Caterpillar eating leaves

Beetles of various kinds walking on the ground and in grass

Flying termites in the monsoons

Termite hills in the forest

Leaches in the rain-forest

Dragonflies and damselflies: flying and sitting/perching

Aesthetic shots of insects walking on the surface of water, using surface tension to float.

Daddy Long legs

Fish snapping insects from the air. In one sequence, we’ve got hordes of fish periodically jumping out of a pool in a stream, either looking for oxygen or insects.

Bee-eater bird flying out to catch insect and returning to perch to batter and eat it up

Bee-eater bird catching air-borne insects

Paradise Flycatcher feeding insects to its chicks in the nest: the insect is too large and the chicks can’t swallow it a comical sequence!

Various insects of odd shapes, colours and with strange features.

Lots of other insect footage: we will research out archives and send you more details if you need some specific footage

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