Indian History / Archival Collections

Gandhi archival material, Indian freedom struggle footage and Satyagraha footage. (1 hour.)

Tercentenary of the Khalsa Sikhs : twelve hours of footage on the event. (Beta SP; 12 hours)

Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter turned conservationist: footage of his home at Kaladhungi in Uttaranchal, Nainital lake, pictures of his dog Robin’s grave, his sitting room, personal belongings and garden. (Format: Digi Beta; 1 hour).

Jim Corbett’s and F. W. Champion’s original 16 mm camera film footage, after telecine to Digital Betacam videotapes, from 1931 to 1939. Subject matter includes leopard and tiger shoots, maneaters, ground hides and tree machans / machaans / tree platforms, fishing for mahseer, big game hunting in India and Africa, lion, cheetah and elephant, African safaris, honey hunting in the forest and beekeeping in India, yachting on Nainital lake with a large trophy being given away by a British chief guest, with European ladies in the audience wearing large sun hats, vignettes of British India and rural Indian lifestyles from the 1930’s period. The material is shot in black & white and colour, and is of a very high quality, despite its age and scratchy old film origins. (Digital Betacam tele-cine material; 15 hours)

We are currently acquiring two collections of 70 to 95 year old 8 mm and 16 mm film footage from two of the erstwhile Indian states. This will be tele-cine’ed to Digital Betacam and DVCAM, and the subject matter will include royal weddings, state processions, ceremonies, lifestyle of the times, life in a maharaj’s palace, old cars, jewellery, palace banquets, villages, hunting and shikar and other vignettes from the period.

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