Everest Expedition


Everest Tape Logs

Tape 507 DV 00:00:00:00

02:03 avalanche shot
38:00 climber on icefall
01:22 man climbing on icefall
02:04 fixing an ice piton
03:03 man fixing piton
03:39 climber with rope fixed, harness etc
04:34 climbing up with ice axe and crampons
05:30 walk towards Camp1
06:20 putting on crampons
07:07 same
07:35 point of crampons
07:53 up the ice fall
08:39 LS of crevasse / climber up icefall
09:37 climbers at BC
09:45 CU of breakfast bell
12:10 Tents walk to breakfast at BC
12:50 range in back / pan to army at BC
13:34 CU of leader
13:19 LS of jawan
19:19 cu of deputy leader
24:24 nets for tents at higher camps
24:49 byte about nets
25:58 more net making
30:49 WS at BC
31:54 cutting rope to make tents
33:45 coils rope around fist
34:03 rope in a ball
35:00 burn rope to bind the net
36:21 knot the ropes
36:55 pan from rope knotting to laying out ropes
*38:01 avalanche down slope
39:23 shot of laid out net
50:04 crossing KIF (Khumbu Icefall)
52:15 shot of legs over ladder
52:45 up the fall pan to next climber
*53:18 climb up icefall
55:00 shot of ice / man climbs up Icefall
56:14 block which fell and changed route through the icefall
*58:38 climb pan left to mountain/cloud disappears
59:05 Pumori Peak
01:01:10 climbing up ice fall/strong winds

TAPE 2 (500) DV

*00:01 TU from snow to mountain
00:04 Byte of Eric Weinheimer who summitted
01:48 snow at icefall
02:04 climb up icefall
03:03 spindrift
04:05 get over crevasse with ladder
*04:53 sunny peak
*05:30 blue ice/TU
06:06 Lho La pass
*10:45 upto C1
*11:06 peaks
*12:13 Gary Geller crosses crevasse
*14:14 crevasse
*14:55 Gary Gelhar / Gellar
21:53 on route to C1
25:46 crevasse shot*
26:26 pan from tents to climbers
28:04 C 1 store/ration etc/pan left over stuff to be carried to higher camps
28:56 Lhotse in the distance
29:46 C 1 tents/pan to Nuptse
30:09 Everest shoulder
31:00 Lhotse meets KIF
33:03 TD to tents
33:27 tents at C1
33:40 pan from man to tents to KIF – Khumbi Ice fall
34:28 BC long shot
34:26 descending to BC – Base Camp
38:11 deep crevasse/KIF/ropes/ladder (SMPC)
38:55 narrow pass
39:41 rappelling down
42:05 rappelling down KIF
43:16 TU to mountain face
44:03 Jawans come down KIF
46:53 making heli pad at BC
47:10 Pumori peak/TD to jawans
48:37 byte about heli pad
49:39 turmeric for H
51:56 Sequence of Russian explaining how to use oxygen cylinders in kitchen
52:33 TD to valve
54:03 tank is on table
56:07 nozzle/regulator/gasket
56:55 pressure of tank
57:21 regulator
57:33 CU of fixing regulator


00:03 Helicopter/jawans about to set off
00:27 TU to jawans/chopper
01:20 on way back to Kathmandu
02:20 chopper takes off
02:52 Namche Bazaar from Heli
04:48 view from Helicopter
05:20 “
06:06 “
06:28 zoom out from purple white flower (Primula)
06:35 refueling the heli
07:17 villagers take kerosene
08:03 cu of pump
09:00 Nepali kids and women
09:49 young girl reads newspaper
10:39 Heli takes off again
11:46 clouds come into valley
23:52 arrival at Kathmandu Airport
25:49 mementos handed out to pilots
32:09 Commander of Gorkha regiment congratulates the team


00:03 Jiri/women with baskets
02:07 heli flies in
15:33 Jiri village shots
16:01 Nepalese play carrom
16:52 Bhandar/pan from house to Camp 
17:07 Buddhist Gompa
17:32 trek from Bhandar to Sete begins
18:13 porters carrying luggage
18:57 cu of prayer stones
19:32 LS of trekkers descending down to river
21:22 trek through hillside
22:45 cross bridge over river
24:06 halt at Kunja for tea
25:30 resume trek
29:06 Junbesi
33:38 Faablu /airstrip
39:53 Head for Nunthala
40:03 black / white Nepali goats frolic about
41:31 pan from Gompa


09:44 on way to Bupsa / WS/ zoom in on climbers crossing bridge
16:37 Leaving Bupsa
22:08 WS trekkers enter frame
31:20 WS of peak / Thamserku – Thamsherku
39:24 on route to Gorakshep / climb up rocks/13000 ft/no tree line/snow line
43:34 LS climb up rock face
44:00 reach Gorakshep/last lodge before BC
47:08 Tibetan Snowcock
47:24 “
47:49 “
48:04 “
48:13 tombstone to dead climbers
49:17 Khumbu Glacier pan to Everest
49:45 Approach BC / meet advanced party / SMPC – Sagarmatha Pollution Control 
53:08 Pan shot of BC
1:00:16 shot of jawans against blue ice

TAPE 6 DV Trek from Labuche to BC

00:01 6 hours to BC
01:48 trekker walking
04:03 Pumori base Camp
05:33 “
06:25 Tombstone of Japanese climber who died on Pumori
06:45 Yak and jawan shots towards Gorakshep
06:45 approach Gorakshep
08:14 “
09:21 tea at Gorakshep
10:25 1985 Expedition Tombstone
10:44 pan over tombstones
10:54 Ws of tombstones
11:00 Snowcock
11:09 “
14:40 “
12:44 CU of Snowcock
13:03 TU to Snow cock
13:32 BC jawans meet advanced party
16:38 KIF in background
17:54 CU of the flags
19:17 advanced party greets the team
22:29 TU from equipment to team
22:57 ice axe CU
23:59 CU of ice axe being fixed
24:14 CU of the pitons
24:25 Cu of pitons
24:41 climbing ropes/TD/pan/ carabiners
26:15 CU of fixing axe TU to face
27:52 Sherpa Sardar
28:10 head cook/Hiru
29:47 Khumbu route to camp 1
30:54 KIF pan to Sherpa
31:34 zoom out of KIF
32:31 Russian Team/pan to Lhotse middle
33:18 people shot
33:49 Russian byte/8000 meter peaks
37:34 Russian team leaves BC
38:06 Pumori peak TD to people making Helipad
40:14 team against rock face
43:40 pan
43:49 peaks in background
44:01 move rock with ropes


00:17 crossing KIF
02:52 CU of ice pitons being screwed in
03:46 TU to climbers
04:10 “
04:56 learning how to rappel – rapel
05:41 ice axe etc
06:55 rappelling
07:16 carabiners/tape
08:20 using rope to climb icefall
08:43 rappel down icefall
09:30 TD against icefall
09:58 pan from ice fall to peaks Meat TU’s

TAPE 504 (DV)

00: 02:03 long shot of avalanche
00:38:00 army team at Khumbu Ice Fall
00:01:22 jawan fixing ice piton
16:38 shot of Khumbu Ice Fall in the background w/ whole team in the forefront
17:54 CU of the flags
19:17-advanced party greets
20:37 same shot
20:47 same shot 
21:16 same shot
22:06 same shot
22:15 same shot
22:29 TU from equipment to the team
22:57 CU of ice axe
23:59 CU of iceaxe being fixed. Zoom out
24:14 CU of ice pitons 
24:25 CU of climbers descending
24:41 climbing ropes, TD, pan to carabiners
26:15 CU of fixing axe TU to face
27:52 shot of Sherpa Sardar
28:10 head cook
29:47 shot of Khumbu Ice Falls, to Camp1
30:32 Sherpas pan
30:54 pan from khumbu ice fall to Sherpa
31:34 zoom out of khumbu icefall
31:53 shot of kitchen
32:31 shot of Russian team, tea, pan (Lhotse middle)
33:18 shots of climbers
33:27 same shots 
33:49 Russian team members’ byte a/b 8000m peaks
34:27 shot of food being served
35:12 pans good
37:34 shot of Russian team leaving Base Camp
38:06 Pumori Peak TD to climbers making Heli pad
39:10 shot of climbers pushing rock to make way for Heli pad
39:46 same shot
40:14 Ws team against rock face
43:49 shot of peaks in background
44:01 shot of rocks being moved with ropes
00:17 shot of crossing Khumbu ice falls
01:32 shot of crossing Khumbu ice falls
02:52 CU of ice pitons being screwed on
03:46 TU of climber
04:56 shot of learning to rappel
05:41 shot of ice axe etc
06:55 rappelling shots
07:16 shots of carabiners and tape..
08:20 shot of using rope to cross-icefall
08:43 Shot of army rappelling down the icefalls
09:30 TD of icefall
09:58 pan from ice fall to peaks
Meat cutting shots


01:30 shot of the drive from Kathmandu to Jiri
05:40 LS of countryside from the bus
06:53 LS of Gauri Shankar Peak
07:03 shot of beginning of trek from Jiri to Base Camp
11:35 Day 2 of Trek shot s of route from Shivalay to Bhandar
12:29 same
13:46 pan right over mountainside, TU to Sherpa
14:32 ponies enter frame
15:00 shots of climbers trekking
15:39 trek to Bhandar begins here
16:48 shot of climbers passing thru again
18:04 CU of climber, Bulundadanda, pan from board to lodge, for tea break
19:08 CU of climbers in Lodge
19:41 shots of foreigners trekking
20:28 CU of climbers at lodge
21:14 CU of climbers at lodge
21:57 same shot
22:22 CU of porters
22:32 CU of rug sack
22:46 CU of reading newspaper, TU, TD
23:15 tight shot of army, tea
24:04 shot of resuming trek from Bulundanda – Bulanda danda
25:20 shot of trekkers crossing small bridge
26:46 shot of climbers thru foliage
27:29 shot of coming down to Bhandar
29:09 shot of arrival at Bhandar
29:26 shot of army climbers leaving Bhandar in the morning for Sete
31:23 on route
31:59 tilt down shot of waterfall on route to Sete
32:18 TU
32:30 shot of climbers walking
33:25 wide shot of stream
33:40 shots of porters carrying load
33:54 shot of stream tilted up to mountainside
34:09 stream shot
34:19 shot of steep climb to Sete
36:00 Close up refreshing themselves
36:12 shot of water break
36:22 shot of trackers using water filter
36:37 CU of trackers
36:53 CU using water filter for pump
37:43 water pump, pump water in bottle….
38:06 shot of leader pumping water in bottle 
38:24 CU of same shot
38:36 shot in Sete of cooking food
39:06 10,000 feet
40:37 interview of head cook
42:52 shot of pony’s grazing
43:07 resume track to Junbesi
43:29 shot of exotic flowers tilted up to mountainside
43:53 same shot and pan
44:04 same shot
49:21 shot of trekkers climbing again
45:06 shot of pony’s carrying load up to base camp
46:05 wide shot of halt
46:18 shot of team resting having tea etc.
46:34 shot of Himalayan Griffon Vulture and Lammergeier – Bearded Vulture
46:43 long shot of clouds coming in over rage
47:20 pan from range to range
47:34 wide shot of ranges trees etc. in foreground 
47:42 same shot 
47:48 shot of en route to Junbesi in tea stall with Nepali kids
49:22 shot of pouring butter & salt in tea
49:54 CU of kids looking into camera
50:11 resume track to Junbesi
51:49 pan to Lamjura pass, CU of Rhododendrons
52:39 CU of Rhododendrons
52:46 Trekkers, pan shot
53:25 shot of climbers walking through Rhododendron trees
53:28 same shot
55:15 LS of climbers
55:42 trekkers enter frame
56:04 first signs of snow
56:12 head down towards Junbezi
56:26 shot of lodge in Junbesi
57:19 CU of scrolls
58:30 zoom out of scriptures
58:59 WS of Junbezi
59:15 TU to scenery
59:27 WS of peak
59:40 trek from Junbezi to Lunthala
1:01:14 shot of birds in flight


00:00: WS of Mountain Side
00:17 shot of Heli
00:41 WS of peak towards Nunthala
01:32 pan over snow peaks to left
01:56 WS of Peaks
02:05 lilac flowers pan left
02:23 CU of lilac flower
02:40 same
03:29 zoom in on flower
03:38 WS of snow peaks w/ clouds
04:06 Takshunde Pass, heading down to Nunthala
04:29 Wide shot of Gateway to Everest
04:50 shot of Major turning Prayer Wheel
05:10 shot heading down towards Nunthala
05:23 WS of Gateway to Everest
05:44 shot of some kind of Orchid
05:55 CU of Orchid
06:07 Good CU of Orchid
06:15 WS of Rhododendrons
06:43 CU of Rhododendrons
06:54 shot of climbers crossing a bridge
07:38 shot of Orange-breasted bird (Flycatcher?) on branch
00:09 Porters and climbers enter Nunthala, zoom out
01:58 CU of porter
02:11 Sherpa Sardar, pan to porters
03:04 CU of Lodge, pan to 
03:34 WS of Early Morning, sunrise from Nunthala
03:55 WS of snow-capped peaks, with sunrays etc
04:37 CU of trekkers and Sherpa 
05:53 CU Major Kothial
06:44 CU of Chanchal
07:14 shot of preparing to leave for Bupsa
09:50 leader crossing bridge, Dudh Kosi River
10:50 shot of climbers approaching bridge
12:41 shot of porters carrying load
13:10 pan of crossing bridge
13:46 Trek towards Bupsa
14:15 same shot 
17:38 approaching Kharikola
18:05 Ws with trekkers
18:44 at lodge 
19:18 CU of climbers
19:32 CU of leader/Deputy leader
21:34 shot of photos inside lodge
21:44 photos of climbers who have summitted Everest over the years
22:25 pan over photos
23:50 resume trek towards Bupsa
24:56 resume trek towards Bupsa, walk thru Kharikola
25:17 shot of crossing bridge over stream
25:40 continue with wide shot of bridge over stream
26:19 CU of crossing Bridge
26:60 CU of bird with green body on tree
27:13 CU of the same
27:26 CU of bird with gray body (Bush Chat?)
28:04 good CU, birds with gray body
28:16 same shot good
28:28 CU of green bird good
29:18 TU/TD/CU of green bird, good
29:48 treks from Bupse to Chaplang begins
32:05 LS of trekkers walking up
32:58 LS of crossing a metal bridge
33:42 LS of trekkers walking thru foliage
34:21 halt for tea
34:43 CU of leader
34:57 Cu of Dep. Leader
35:25 shot of trekkers sitting
35:50 Conversations W/ porters
36:42 shot of porters leaving
36:55 LS, trekkers enter frame
37:54 LS of trek towards Lukla
40:04 shot of arrival at Lukla
41:24 renovations at Lukla airstrip
41:48 shots of chopper at Lukla
42:06 shot of MI 17 Russian helicopter
43:45 shot of windsock
44:05 Shot of uphill climb from Lukla to Chobling
44:45 Shot of arrival at Chobling
46:53 Shot of Buddhist rosary beads
47:22 WS of Sagarmatha National Park Gate
48:09 CU of SMNP board
48:19 CU of rules and regulations
48:52 pan over the building
Monal Pheasant (national bird of Nepal – Lophophorus impeyanus) shot
49:07 shot of Impeyan Pheasant at Namche
49:26 Monal shot
50:10 pheasant shot
51:11 shot of Monal in Bush
52:02 pheasant shot


00:00:20 shot of lodge owner greeting team, present white Stoll / silk khaba as a mark good wishes and respect, at Namche
02:21 Trek to Tengboche
03:57 uphill climb with yaks, on cliff side
04:54 CU of trekkers on cliff side
05:08 LS of Dudh Kosi River
05:37 fogy shot of Dudh Kosi
06:07 yaks enter frame, fog etc in foreground
06:42 yaks move out of frame with load, pan
07:08 Tengboche Monastery, snow
07:42 monastery w/ peaks
08:02 WS of Monastery entrance, Doctor enters
08:41 American climber at Monastery
10:15 Leaving Thyangboche, pan to cliff side and then Monastery
11:23 Climbers take blessings before climbing, monastery, prayer wheel
12:33 LS at monastery
12:51 Departure for Pheriche, scenery, peaks, trees, snow, Everest view
13:29 Rhododendrons, trekkers enter frame
14:45 LS of Everest scenery
16:26 Rhododendrons, walking to the left of prayer stones
17:18 trek on snow begins
17:55 LS of climbers crossing bridge on Dudh Kosi
19:25 Ama Dablam Peak in background with trekkers resting
20:08 CU of Ama Dabalam
20:37 army leader with peak in background
21:49 MJ. Kothial explains about Ama Dablam
22:10 LS of Yaks refusing to cross bridge
23:05 finally yaks cross over bridge 
24:35 WS of Yaks, porters etc 
25:28 Pangboche Monastery, team comes for blessings for success in expedition
26:00 TD of Monastery
26:16 Inside the Monastery, TU to prayer pole
26:48 TD pole w/ peaks in background
27:23 Entranceof Monastery, pan over paintings of gods etc
28:55 CU of paintings
29:24 pan to right
29:37 CU of painting
31:12 pans inside monastery
31:48 pan inside monastery taking blessings
32:35 beating prayer instrument
32:53 Chhang – chang being poured
33:28 shots of deities
34:27 usable shots of deity
34:46 CU of Chung bottles
35:35 monk with Chang
36:47 CU of deity
37:31 CU monk prayer gong
38:37 TD of paintings
42:17 pan from paintings to deities
42:53 shot of Pangboche
43:01 same shot
43:13 LS of mountain range en route to Pheriche
43:42 WS of Ama Dablam in background w/ trekkers
44:13 WS of trekkers w/ range in background
46:03 pan from major to iced peaks
46:24 LS of trekkers, pan from peaks to Pheriche
47:24 Ama Dablam LS, pan to neighboring island peaks, TD to island peaks, shots of valley below
48:31 Nuptse covered with snow and clouds
48:55 LS of Laboche E/W, Gokyo valley etc 
51:05 LS of 8000m Cho Yo peak
Long discussion among the team members
55:44 shots of team playing cricket, Ama Dablam in background
56:08 zoom out of snowmelt
56:36 shots of cricket in Pheriche
56:55 LS of Ama Dablam in background
57:25 leaving Pheriche, heading for Lobuche, w/ Ama Dablam in background
58:48 pan to trekkers, LS of them climbing, peaks in background
59:29 Lobuche relaxing
59:55 CU playing cards
01:00:38 WS of yaks w/ peaks in background, pan to left
01:01:40 WS of yaks


01:18 WS of crossing crevasse at KIF
01:56 climbers go up KIF
02:56 man using ice axe to climb
03:40 CU of shoes making foothold
04:23 on top of snow mound
04:43 climbing up using ice axe
06:15 cross crevasse w/ …
06:48 climber climbs with rope
08:09 man climbs b/w the ice block
08:47 route of previous year
09:04 climber talks to Ben Webster, Leader of the Canadian expedition
09:22 Pumori Peak in the Background
10:39 same, TD, TU
11:23 CU of climbers feet while climbing up ice fall, blue ice TU
12:02 same
12;46 same
13:14 LS of climber atop the mound of snow
13:39 CU of crossing crevasse
14:17 climber climbs up ladder to get atop snow block
14:54 climbers reach Camp 2, tents
15:24 take out their equipment, vessels etc.
15:48 shot of inside the tent, tea, peeling onions, Camp 1,
17:14 leader approaches Camp1
18:02 climbers scattered/ walking
18:08 Camp 2
18:30 Camp2
18:45 Camp 2
19:04 pan to climbers
19:17 depart for Camp 3
19:52 WS of Everest / South Summit
20:22 Climbers climb w/ trekking sticks
21:00 climbers come down from Camp 3
22:04 WS of route to Camp3
22:18 same
23:04 CU of legs of climbers
23:28 WS of Mountain Face, with climbers, 22, 000 ft.
23:58 the climb begins, incline to Camp 2, Safety rope
24:18 WS of I
24:51 Cross crevasse
25:38 good, WS, en route to Camp 2, mountain face
26:11 Shot of ladder being climbed
26:56 shot of crossing crevasse
27:17 WS of ladder over crevasse
27:40 TD from climber to ladder
27:51 down into crevasse, pan
28:04 cross tough crevasse
28:25 zoom in to climbers crossing 
29:03 climbers, pan to climbers holding rope
29:50 LS of people going up to Camp 3, TU to Camp 3
30:38 South Summit of Everest 
30:50 Climbers reach Camp 2, moraines
31:29 same
32:18 approaching tents, pan over tents
33:02 tea at Camp 2
33:35 having tea at Camp 2
33:56 Ws of kitchen stuff
34:42 tent, fuel, kerosene etc
35:17 shot of sparrow
35:30 LS of climbers upto Camp 3
35:57 LS of Avalanche
36:22 moving thru frame, head of to Camp 1
37:31 clouds move to Lhotse phase, pan left over Lhotse Ridge
38:17 LS of South Summit
38:44 LS of Avalanche
39:42 cross crevasse back en route to Camp 1
44:07 LS of crevasse
44:33 LS of crevasse and landscape
44:47 TU to Mountain face
45:03 conversations w/ base camp a/b ration
00:01:21 WS of tents at Camp 2, pan left to flags
00:58 shots of climbers tents..
01:39 breakfast at Camp 2
02:34 LS of mountain face
04:31 clouds move over face
06:56 Lhotse ridge
07:05 Lhotse peak
09:29 LS of climbers en route to Camp 3
00:04 going up to Camp 3
00:44 shots of goodies at Camp3
01:18 climbers set up platform to set up a tent
01:53 climbers taking deep breaths
02:32 WS of tents on Camp 3
02:49 climbers come down from Camp 4
03:13 good shot from inside the tent
00:06 CU of snow glasses
00:09 WS of Camp 3, Everest
00:30 vicinity of Camp3
00:59 climbers headed back to Camp2
02:36 CU of climbers fixing safety lines
04:01 climbing down with the help of safety lines
04:31 rappelling down the snow face
07:02 WS of snow
07:14 Indian trekkers at base Camp
09:34 photos w/ Indian trekkers and well-wishers
11:27 Khumbu Ice Falls
12:01 climbers going up Khumbu Ice falls


14:08 Chilean girl who summitted
00:01 shot of satellite phone in use
00:07 strong winds at Camp2
00:03 shot of snow glasses hanging, frozen
00:02 shot of rainbow above Lhotse face
00:38 same
00:03 shots of Camp 2, tents
00:43 Camp 2, Lhotse ridge face
01:14 In the morning, tents, blue ice
01:36 LS of Chilean team
01:52 Army crosses crevasse en route to Camp 1
04:24 pan from Everest to snow
04:39 shots of Crevasse
04:46 shots of Camp1 as Army climbers head to Camp1
05:17 zoom in on ice/TU
05:52 CU of snow
06:09 Khumbu Ice Falls to Base Camp
07:47 shots of climbers sliding down to Base Camp
08:07 back at Base Camp
08:55 shots of Army making a wall
00:10 Khumbu Ice Falls
00:31 LS of Camp 1
01:09 zoom out, LS of peaks
01:23 TU to mountain face, pan right
02:12 Camp1 to Camp2
04:32 climbers come up to Camp3
05:49 shots of camps and summit, from Camp2
06:06 photo of South Col
06:41 photo of Hillary’s Step
06:48 photo of Summit 
07:14 TU the MT face of Everest
10:09 zoom out
00:03 shot of Summit from Camp 4
00:22 boil snow at Camp 4
01:52 Team prepares for first attempt to Summit
02:06 LS of Camp 3 from Camp 4, zoom out
02:35 putting on down suits for attempt 
03:41 rest before attempt
04:45 pan to the panorama
05:16 TU to Everest
05:34 General shots of Camp4
05:50 shots of slope
06:13 dead body at Camp4
06:53 LS of panorama/clouds
07:08 LS of Camp 4
07:39 Khumbu Ice Falls
08:58 nice shot of Khumbu Ice falls
09:34 using 6 ladders joined together to cross after ice block broke
13:51 top shot of jawan crossing crevasse with ladder
15:35 Eric coming down Ice Fall after summating
15:53 Base Camp, departure for Jiri
16:58 LS of Base Camp with peak sand clouds in the background
17:39 LS of peaks, ice fall
18:11 Mountain Face
18:28 Pack up at Base Camp
19:46 Last meal at Base Camp


00:05 first Attempt at Khumbu Ice falls
00:20 Prayer stone at Base Camp, have prasad
01:11 prayer flag
01:20 approach icefall
01:32 climbers put on their crampons at Cramp on Point
02:10 begin climb up Ice Fall
02:29 LS of climbers meandering crevasses
03:05 continue climb up icefall
03:43 LS of the same
04:42 TU to snow and ice
04:53 ladder, cross crevasse
09:15 cross over a patch of crevasse
09:31 pan over crevasse
09:47 cross over crevasse with safety ropes
10:53 continue crossing crevasse
11:53 LS of crossing crevasse
12:24 LS
13:29 good LS of dangerous zone of Ice Fall
15:19 LS
15:27 LS of Ice on Snowfalls
15:42 pan over snow
16:26 LS of snow over Ice Fall
16:52 shot of climbers climbing up
17:34 TD on blue ice
17:58 TU/TD blue ice/ pan
18:21 climb up Ice Fall
18:41 TU/CU climbing ladder
24:06 TU from snow to Mountain face
25:43 climbers greeted by Sherpa
26:06 WS of Ice Fall
31:14 climb over crevasses of Icefall 
33:05 LS/WS of climbers, blue ice
35:46 LS of blue ice, climbers
36:39 CU of blue ice, pan, TU
37:24 TD down block of ice
38:18 good, block of ice, pan left
38:38 cross Ice Fall
42:06 zoom in on climber
42:17 second attempt at Khumbu Ice Fall
46:26 avalanche
53:20 Sherpa carries a sledge up
57:30 arrival at Camp


00:22 Camp 1, LS
00:45 LS of ranges, Lhotse ridge
01:14 LS of Lhotse Ridge
01:44 good zoom out
02:02 three climbers at Camp1, digging to pitch tent
03:52 WS of army tent at Camp 1
04:50 pan right to peaks
05:15 pan right to peaks
05:18 pan left over peaks, zoom out to wide
05:56 climbers have conversation against peak backdrop
07:35 pan left, TU over peak
09:14 zoom out
25:55 IMP. Icefall Doctors, on the job, making a route or repairing, bringing ladder, etc.
26:42 crossing ice fall
29:22 good, shot from underneath/inside the crevasse of climber crossing on ladder
30:40 coming down Ice Fall, LS from below
32:49 Eric going upto Camp 1 w/ help of walking stick
33:22 being guided by another climber
34:46 WS, from underneath of man crossing ice fall from inside crevasse, pan, good
35:39 WS, same, good
00:03 saying prayers to prayer stone before departure
09:56 shots of Base Camp after snowfall
10:15 pan right of Khumbu Ice Fall, with fresh snow


00:02 Camp 4, inside tent, pan over sleeping bag
00:23 attempt for Summit at 11 pm inside Camp 4
00:49 brief shot of Summit

TC change

00:01 after summiting
00:23 NFB team after summiting with Eric Weinheimer
00:46 CU of Eric
00:57 Eric in conversation with army team
01:29 tea and snacks at Base Camp
01:56 Conversation with NFB
02:48 CU of Eric
03:05 Indian Climbers with Eric
03:33 pan right all climbers
03:53 leaving Base Camp, pan right yaks etc
04:11 loading yaks for journey, pan right, CU of yaks
04:335 set to leave, pack luggage
04:50 army leader
04:58 CU of yaks, pan left from yaks to climbers
05:29 WS of yaks Sherpa 
06:05 pan right
06:27 WS, pan of packing stuff
00:19 old woman with prayer wheel in Namche lodge
00:10 good, yaks coming down from Base Camp w/ load to Namche / Jiri
01:21 unloading yaks in lodge near field
02:24 CU of yak
02:36 sherpas etc, pan to unloaded stuff
02:51 WS of yaks
03:23 WS of yak being unloaded
04:10 pan right over yaks
04:41 helipad in Nepal
09:29 party after expedition, in Namche
00:07 going to Khunde to donate medicines at Edmond Hillary hospital interview Neelu
00:56 rug sacks with medicines and glucose
01:46 upto Khunde hospital
02:19 pan left over hillside to Namche bazaar
03:15 continue hike to Khunde
04:15 Khunde hospital board pan left to climbers
05:26 continue hike
06:02 pan to Namche bazaar
06:33 approaching Khunde village
07:14 good, Khunde hospital, byte donating medicines
10:51 CU of medicine bottles etc
11:39 depart from hospital
12:05 CU of Monal chick
14:57 LS of Monal chick
15:32 pan left with Monal
16:23 LS of big Monal
18:04 CU of big Monal
19:12 Monal CU



00:41 Brig. Pushkar Chand, byte, involved in army expedition 2001, speaks of his mountaineering experience etc. Kanchenjunga, Nilgiri etc. Training in mountaineering, small team for present expedition, happy w/ expedition, selection, experienced,

07:25 Interview w/ Major Tanwar, experience in the army etc. Mt. Everest Expedition 1985, about how 5 members died in storm, present team is very strong and humble, he wishes the expedition the best of luck.



TAPE 1 01:00:00:00

00:28 black trucks, jeep and truck pulls out to jeep
01:37 loading army luggage in truck
03:12 tilt down from man to medicine
03:40 farewell/hand shake
04:11 coconut on the truck
05:80 truck/man/door closed
06:18 truck moving out
08:27 pan from
12:16 pov inside truck
12:48 CU of man from left truck
13:08 CU of driver in the truck
13:46 LS of truck from behind
14:10 LS of road +car moving
14:42 people eating in the
22:30 inside the bus pov
25:09 people talking 
31:10 truck ride continues
32:14 pov inside the truck

TAPE 2 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 02:00:00:00

01:39 CU of camera
03:01 LS on the road, with trucks/motor/cycle
05:24 road shots
06:36 inside the jeep/truck
07:07 LS of the trucks from the jeep
08:33 LS of cake
10:26 people on road/cycle
10:57 road shots
12:08 road shots
16:10 Maj. Kotiyal talk
18:34 montage inside truck
20:56 truck inside
26:27 Indo Nepalese Border
27:50 Customs
30:42 Customs
03:26 Pashupathi Nath – Pashupatinath Temple
29:59 shots at temple/close ups

TAPE 3 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 03:00:00:00

05:43 Indio-Nepal Border, Indian territory ends here, and Nepal begins
06:25 Welcome to Nepal
15:51 people on the bus
19:02 trucks winding
31:57 Pashupathi Nath temple

TAPE 4 DIGI BETA IAMEE2001 04:00:00:00

00:16 people walking inside the hotel
04:00 people talking meeting
14:00 Nepal mountaineering Association batches
18:51 Press Conference
19:37 Col. Kumar
25:23 route map

TAPE 5 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 04:00:00:00

00:20 Head Sherpa interview
05:34 WS of mountain
06:13 Base camp
06:35 Base Camp
06:51 Khumbu Ice Fall
08:14 Babu Chiri Sherpa Tent
08:5 Babu Chiri – Chhiri interview (IMP)
13:41 interview w/ Dutch trekker
15:56 interview w/ trekker from Amsterdam
17:56 Army haircut, shot of person who traversed the Himalaya
18:57 top angle shot of hair cut
19:45 Base Camp / Lobuche, pan to Khumbu Ice Fall/pan right/TD to Base Camp
20:37 WS of Base Camp/pan right rocks
21:17 WS/Base Camp/pan right over tents
21:42 WS of Base Camp/KIF/ranges pan right over tents
23:06 trekkers wandering in Base Camp, zoom out
23:31 WS of peak pan right over KIF
24:38 WS of camps/KIF, TU to Ice Fall
25:06 WS of Base Camp
25:17 same
26:29 same
26:42 Ws of the same
27:31 pan right over tents
27:49 WS of tents at Base Camp
29:52 WS of tents at Base Camp
30:27 WS of tents at Base camp, pan right
31:04 WS of Base Camp, flags, Mountain Ranges
31:25 photographer for NFB
31:46 WS of KIF
32:02 CU of Lho La peak, TD to KIF
32:47 WS of peak

TAPE 6 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 05:00:00:00

04:53 Loading from Indian Trucks to Nepalese Trucks
07:54 CU of Brigadier
09:37 Dhir- encouragement letter
13:26 Departure from Embassy for Jiri
13:39 road shots
16:14 inside the bus
16:48 WS of valley
17:01 WS of valley pan right from MT. To valley
17:29 pan right over valley
17:56 WS of greenery snowcapped ranges
18:25 pan right over snow covered peaks
18:44 zoom in
18:54 WS of scenery
19:11 breakfast at lodge
19:27 Top angle shot / TU to snow ranges
15:48 foggy snow capped ranges
20:05 back at lodge, pan right to sitting
20:55 pan right to scenery
21:09 pan right to scenery
21:25shots of Jiri village/pan right
21:56 Jiri shots
22:26 Jiri shots
23:00 Jiri shots
13:40 CU of kids
24:15 shots at Jiri TD
27:16 Shots at Jiri
28: 37 pan right

TAPE 7 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 05:00:00:00

00:17 snowfall at Base Camp
01:11 same shot
01:38 same shot
02:35 snowing at BC, shot of flags
03:29 good shot snowing, climbers walk into tent
04:06 same shot
04:19 same shot
04:28 snow covered rocks
04:42 good LS of BC
05:59 tent shots
06:16 good single tent shots/good rock shots
07:37 blue containers / drums / canisters
07:50 LS at BC
08:19 Nuptse peak WS
08:43 same shot 
09:32 same shot
10:07 WS with KIF
10:28 pan right over tents to KIF
10:54 pan right
11:17 Nuptse peak
11:35 Nuptse peak
11:54 good WS of rocks etc./snow pan left TU to Nuptse
12:40 good WS of KIF
12:59 good shot of Khumbu Glacier/BC in foreground
13:32 some hills/peak
14:13 Lho La Peak
14:35 BC/WS of Col. Kohli’s Camp
14:50 Nuptse peak
15:08 climber shaking off snow from tent
15:37 shaking tent
15:58 Pumori Peak  / tents and camp in foreground
16:28 WS of Base Camp
16:42 Lho La Peak
17:2 Lho La/KIF/Nuptse
17:40 Nuptse Peak
19:29 shot of icicles 
19:53 kitchen boy washes dishes
21:36 sherpas check their Koflach boots
22:14 CU of Koflach TU to Sherpa
22:27 CU of cramp on
26:22 LS of KIF/Tents etc
26:49 TD from Lola to BC
27:13 pan right to tents
27:32 same shot then TU to KIF/Lho La/Nuptse/TD/left pan to tents
28:18 TD/pan left to flags/tents
28:32 TD/pan left to flags/tents
28:32 WS of yellow tents
28:53 WS of tents flags
29:27 pan left/TU to KIF
29:50 WS of tents at BC
30:03 WS of prayer stone
30:34 KIF
30:40 WS of BC
31:23 pan right of entire Base Camp
32:11 pan right/TU to KIF

TAPE 8 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 06:00:00:00

00:16 sequence getting army team and Sherpa at Jiri
00:25 market place Jiri
01:11 check radio sets pan left
02:37 en-route to helipad Jiri/pan left over trucks
04:05 WS/LS trees etc.
04:26 LS of trucks thru trees 
04:41 LS of scenery
04:55 pan from scenery to trucks to team
05:22 pan from above right
05:40 pan right trucks etc, load off truck to load on heli
06:05 pan right trucks load off
06:33 RNA trucks
06:52 loading sequence of Sherpa with carrying continues
07;08 pan right .TU to stuff
07:28 pan left to stuff
07:37 WS of/from inside truck/stuff being taken out
09:05 sequence ends/pan right /WS
09:25 shot of taking load out of truck, pan left to stuff/people
09:55 leader of expedition w/ Sherpa
10:11 kids/TU to the other leader
11:10 pan right to jawan
11:38 inside truck
11:48 inside truck TD to ground
12:23 Tight shot of canisters/TU to people
12:43 cows TU to hills
12:57 pan right from cows to trucks etc
13:17-interaction b/w team over loading stuff off
14:03 shot of helicopter flying
14:23 from sky TD to team/taking off load
15:00 people shots
15:23 shot of chopper flying
16:00 TU from canister to Doctor
16:30 conversation with Doctor etc
16:55 pan to baggage
17:09 army weighs baggage
17:56 WS of kerosene oil TU to army guys
19:11 luggage being weighed on balance
20:19 CU of leader/conversation with some other guy
21:07 Conversation with leader Col. Sharma
21:19 conversation pan left to equipment
22:03 pan left/discuss weight of luggage
23:04 CU of Sharma
24:52 Sequence of weight conversation end
25:06 cover luggage etc
25:14 Maj. Kothial/byte about weight/pan to luggage
27:42 displays stuff in order of priority
28:02stuff for BC/CU of blue containers
29:55 CU of stuff for BC/Camp 1
30:12 pans right over luggage covered to protect from the rain
30:49 pan left over luggage
31:02 foggy shot of hills/scenery
31:13 same
31:29 conversation b/w team members, pan right/pan left
32:53 getting ready to got o lodge
33:04 owner of lodge welcomes team w/ stolls or khadas

TAPE 9 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 09:00:00:00

00:31 Doc. Birthdays in Junbesi
01:34 TD to his hand cutting cake
02:33 Dr. eating pie
02:58 lodge/team/cake etc.
03:21 WS of snow-covered peak/clouds etc.
03:58 pan left from ranges to brown hill
04:50 trek from Junbesi
05:16 WS of snowcapped hills, green mountain range 
06:03 WS of brown hills/walking in the distance 
06:32 WS trekkers enter frame
06:58 trekkers. Snowcapped peaks 
07:23 good CU bird on plant (Dark Gray Bush Chat)
07:52 same
08:24 WS of trekkers walking thru
09:08 shot of trekkers walking/trekkers enter frame
10:01 shots of birds/white cheeked bulbul/TD, TU, pan
*10:26 CU of Redstart on branch
*10:49 CU of Accentor on branches
*11:05 do
*11:14 CU of dark gray bush chat
11:42 WS of hills/hut/scenery/trekkers on side path enter frame
12:29 trekkers enter frame
*12:49 CU of accentor
13:29 CU of accentor
13:48 WS of lodge in Bupsa
14:01 WS of Doc/Kothial on steps
14:47 CU of Col. Kumar
*15:20 WS of lodge at Bupsa/pan right to scenery
*Ws of lodge pan right to hills
*16:03 green backed tit/TU/TD to bird
16:29 TU again to bird
*17:24 CU bird?
*17:40 accentor CU on branch
*18:03 same
*18:23 ECU of accentor
*18:42 ECU of accentor
*18:50 same
*18:58 same
*19:17-same/pan left/TU/TD
*19:20 same shot
*19:52 same
*19:59 ECU of Green backed tit /TU/pan left
*09:21 ECU of green backed Tit
*20:33 same
*20:37 same 
*21:03 CU of accentor – alpine sparrow /pan right/pan left
*21:25 shot of porters thru foliage
21:48 WS of foliage/TD to trekkers crossing bridge
22:12 zoom in army coming up
22:19 pull out
23:04 Top angle
*23:12 good audio/WS/LS of peak
*23:57 nice shot of bird /spotted
24:09WS of Kuamde
24:31 WS of trekkers coming down 
*24:59 CU/WS of crossing bridge/snowcapped peaks in background
25:29 WS of trekkers coming thru/rocks etc
*27:11 WS/CU of army crossing bridge/zoom out/cross thru
28:20 WS of army going up/foliage/pine/pan right to them crossing bridge
28:58 WS/CU of crossing bridge
29:12 LS of porters carrying load on bridge
29:31 LS of climbers/TU to climbers against rock
*30:03 zoom out to river in foreground
*30:24 LS of army climbing up rocks
*30:53 same
*31:22 LS of rocks/river/TU to foliage
31:44 WS of river/rocks/TU to foliage
32:35 WS of rocks/river surface

TAPE 10 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 10:00:00:00

*00:30 WS of monal through foliage
*01:28 LS of monal thru 
*01:54 porters carry load/Namche bazaar
*02:59 WS of board/porter
03:14 WS foliage/hills etc/pan right to houses
*04:22 montage inside lodge
04:34 pan right/people shot
09:26 WS/CU of food being heated
*11:23 pan right
12:00 WS/CU of mountain goat (Thar) /walking on wall/
13:13 WS/CU of thar (Hemitragus jemlahicus) running/TU
13:52 WS/CU of thar / jular / ther
14:02 Departure from Namche for Base Camp
14:30 peak/snow
15:47 WS of snow-capped peaks/TD to Namche Bazar
16:19 WS of Thamsherku w/ rocks in foreground
16:40 WS of rocky/brown/pan left to N. Bazar/peaks above/pan left to bazaar/cirque
17:20 WS of peaks above Namche, pan/TD to Bazar
17:40 top angle shot of Bazar / Gompa, pan to bazaar, and pan right
*18:47snow pigeons in flight
*19:13 same
*19:52 top angle of lodge
20:10 same
*20:20 WS of snow peaks
*21:14 taking a walk
21:36 Ws of peak/snow, walking thru
22:10 LS of first view of Everest, pan left
22:31 WS of team standing on edge, pan right
22:48 WS of team standing on edge/peaks in the background
23:07 pan left over team
23:14 top angle shot of river/pan left/TU to peaks etc
23:38 top angle shot of trekkers
*24:15 Everest, pull out to team
24:48 LS of trekkers climbing up hill
25:36 WS of Khumjung/Everest in the middle/team enters frame
26:25 Ls of Khumjung
26:40 LS/TD, pan to Khumjung
*27:41Namche potato farming
*CU of woman/potato
*28:25 LS/WS of snow pigeon 
*29:06 WS of snow pigeon
*29:22 LS…
*29:35 WS/zoom in of same
30:18 CU of gompa
30:31LS of snow peak/ fog/cloud 
30:56 WS Amadablam
31:15 WS of Ama Dablam / from Khumjung zoom out to WS with house
31:50 WS/CU of gompa
32:05 Yak running/zoom out
32:25WS/pan yaks to Gompa
32:46 WS of workers/digging/potato farming
33:10zoom out / ws of the same

TAPE 11 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 09:00:00:00

00:38 BC/Indian army prayer flag
00:55 TD from flag to stone
01:24 pan right to jawans
01:36 CU to fixing flags
01:56 Deputy leader praying
02:21 TU to flags. Peaks
02:38 pan left from flag to army
03:36 WS of KIF/yaks/tents at BC
*04:36 Col. Kumar byte A/b summit plans/opening route etc./oxygen/temperature etc
10:57 stocking C2 etc/amount of oxygen
12:50 a/b fitness of team
14:19 on selection of team
17:02 WS of tents flags snow etc
*17:42 WS of snow/clouds/peaks
*18:02 WS of snowy peak face
*18:23 WS of Nupse
*18:52 peak covered w/ snow ridge
*20:53 WS of ridge/snow/clouds
*21:32 WS of Lola encircled w/ clouds
23:17 KIF/Lola / Nuptse
23:52 WS of Nupse shoulder
*24:20 WS of Nupse
*24:41 Army sits in group at BC
26:11 discuss dates etc for summit attempt
33:40 discussion sequence ends

TAPE 12 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 08:00:00:00

00:22 army treks on hilly path
01:09 army enters frame
01:39 WS of army trekking
03:51 tight shot of Doctor trekking
04:20 WS of climbers going across
04:44 TD on prayer flag
05:00 pull out of trekkers
05:42 pull out of trekkers climbing down
06:35 CU/WS of prayer flag flapping
07:01pan left to trekker
07:52 WS of porters going up with load
08:22 WS of scenery
09:25 shot of porters carrying 90 kg loads (over 200 lbs.!)
09:44 lodge shots
10:53 scenery shots
11:10 ws of scenery/top angle
11:56 WS Bhandar / gompa
12:28 CU of Bhandar gompa/buddhas eyes
*13:51 WS of sunrise/Bhandar/CU
*18:15 WS of same with mountain in foreground
*19:23 sun is coming up
*20:22 WS of clouds, suns rays, pan left to sun
*20:53 same shot/pan left to rising sun
*23:49 WS of rising sun
*26:57 WS of tree/sun
*27:22 WS of sun from behind clouds/ Sete

TAPE 13 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 11:00:00:00

00:20 ws/pan of Namche bazaar
01:11 pull out/pan right/ws of cirque
01:35 ws/yaks
02:23 CU of yaks
03:01 pull out of rucksack
04:44 people walking
05:26 army all set to take off for Tengbuche / Tengboche
07:55 TD from mountain to trekkers
*10:06 yaks appear from Cliffside / cliff face
*11:30 WS of mountain ranges
12:23 WS of trees/snow fall/forest
*13:22 WS of trees/snowfall
13:49 snow at Lodge*
*15:48 trekkers come into verandah
16:44 Tengbuche monastery/all teams come for blessings
*17:11 WS of peak/lodge in fore ground/pan left to other peaks
*17:39 ws of Ama Dablam
*18:13 WS of lodge/peak
*18:43 WS of snow/lodge/peak
*18:50 WS of trees/peak
*19:06 WS of monastery thru trees
*19:31 same
*20:02 WS of trees/peaks/snow
*20:22 WS peak/fog/trees
*20:38 CU of leaf/snow
*21:15 WS of trees/snow/peak/pan right to lodge/monastery
*21:38 WS of lodge/monastery
22:25 dark shot of monastery roof, pan left to lodge
*22:46 ws/pan to lodge
*23:19 ws of gompa/lodge/pan to peaks
*25:13 WS of peaks houses/pan right to ranges
*25:58 same shot
*26:17 ws of lama boy snow toy
27:22 ws of lama boy
*29:17 ws of snow peaks
28:21 lama boy trying to ski
*29:46 WS of snow peak
*29:46 pull out
*30:04 ws of Ama Dablam/backside
*30:47 WS of Ama Dablam
*31 WS of Everest
*31:15 WS of Ama Dablam
*31:52 peak shots
*32:12 TS of Everest
*33:21 same shot/Everest

TAPE 14 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 13:00:00:00

*00:17 med shot of trekkers
*00:43 LS of trekkers/snowy path enrooted to
*01:09 pan right/trekkers move across
01:26 ws of trekkers
01:52 LS of trekkers/peaks
02:10 pan from peak to trekkers
02:30 WS of trekkers/walking/TU to army
03:11 WS of snowy path
06:16 WS of range/pan right to yaks
06:56 ws of yaks with load 
07:01 WS peaks w/ snow/yaks
07:18 TS of peak
07:37 WS of peak/yak/mountain
*08:20 WS of snow peaks/yaks/pan right with yaks
09:36 TS of climbers climbing Lobuche
13:27 TS of climbers coming down Lobuche
15:42 Cu of bird/ snow finch
16:23 same
*17:11 CU of finch type bird/pan right to bird/3 birds ECU
*17:47 lots of them in flight
*17:59 CU of birds
18:05 T/WS of peak
19:01WS/LS of trekkers against mountain face
20:41 Pumori peak in background
20:55 Khumbu glacier/pull out to wide
21:26 same shot
21:43 pull out..22:08 pan to snow peaks
*22:55 WS of peaks/sky/pan right to snowy peaks
23:45 TS of Everest
24:26 WS of Khumbu glacier/pan left to BC
*25:15 TS of Everest
25:30 BC/build prayer stone
25:45 TS KIF/pan left/TD to army
28:42 Puja around/prayer stone
30:48 Nuptse/TD to prayers
33:18 training how to climb KIF

TAPE 15 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 08:00:00:00

00:39 letters from home at BC
04:54 TS of peak
05:19 TS of Nuptse peak
05:53 T/W of KIF shoulder
06:34 WS of peak
06:52 WS pull out to BC/TD from peak to army
07:41 pan right
*12:04 moon shots/time lapse
*16:31 moon shot /exits frame

TAPE 16 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 14:00:00:00

*00:42 shot of Nuptse
*00:52 check equipment at BC
01:14 gloves / sleeping bag
02:09 TD from Lho La to BC
02:58 checking crampons
04:02 checking ropes
08:4 shove, /ice axe, carabiners, sledge
09:03 WS of checking equipment
11:11 byte a/b what equipment the army is carrying and why- leader
11:50 holds up rucksack
13:10 down jacket
13:31 shot of small avalanche
13:49 high altitude underwear/long johns
14:58 outer wear/tracks etc
15:24 CU of facemasks
15:38 CU of glacier glasses
15:45 headlamps
*17:00 zoom in
*17:20 WS of peak/pan right to team
18:59 water filter bottles
19:47 pee bottles
19:53 harness
20:13 pan to carabiners
20:44 shot of pulley
21:12 WS of equipment
21:24 ice peg/snow stick
22:23 rope shots/byte about climbing ropes
25:58 shot of Lho La/TD to team
26:44 Lho La peak/TD, left to team
30:10 trying on down suits
330:54 WS of Lho La/Nuptse/KIF, pan/TD to team/prayer stone etc
*31:45 tight shot of puja stone w/ lama
*32:10 praying for blessing for summit attempt

TAPE 17 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 06:00:00:00

01:46 Gary Guller / Gelhar / Geller, w/o one arm, byte
14:04 breakfast at BC with GG
*16:30 orange breasted bird
*17:08 same shot
*17:43 same
*18:01 same
*18:30 Inside Indian army tent/communicate with C1 etc
19:37 CU of base station
22:06 communication with higher camps
22:21 SPCC guy’s byte about garbage disposal
27:41 prayer stone, back from C2
31:33 snowfall at BC

TAPE 18 12:00:00:00

00:21 WS of Pumori / sunrise time – time lapse
02:51 TS of Nuptse peak-TL
03:09 TS of Lho La-TL
03:29 TS of Loboche / Lobuche -TL
04:35 WS of moon from BC-TL
*05:08 TS of Pumori peak/pan right
*05:30 TS of Lho La
*06:44 TS of small avalanche
*06:56 TS of Nuptse spin drift
*07:24 tight shot of above
07:41 TS of Nupse
08:32 Capt. Gurung traversed the Himalayas byte Kala Patthar / Kalapathar summit in background
*32:45 snows at BC/Eric’s camp
*32:59 Khumbu in background/pan left over KIF
TAPE 19 06:00:00:00/07:00:00:00

32:16 army comes back from camp2
32:53 shots inside the BC tent
#07:00:26 snow at BC/interaction b/w army
02:41 inside army tent at BC
03:40 L/W snow peaks/
*9:27 LS in evening at BC
10:30 inside the BC tent
16:20 montage shots of sitting outside BC and chatting
17:21 LS of BC/stones/snow etc
17:55 LS of KIF
18:06 LS of Khumbu glacier
18:33 KIF long shot/TD to BC/TU to icefall
20:24 chopper shot approaches at helipad at BC
21:16 zoom in helicopter/zoom out/wide/DGMT comes to wish team for summit
*22:59 DGMT with army

TAPE 20 16:00:00:00

*00:07 CU of Thar, return from BC
*01:03 same
*02:02 CU of Thar grazing/pull out 
*03:18 CU of 2 thars,grazing
04:08 same
04:16 CU of thar / Hemitragus jemlahicus / ther / jular
04:49 CU of thar
05:09 LS of 3 thars
05:27 WS hillside/clouds
05:53 byte of Bagh Chand
07:33 Indian Aemy guy from Spiti, byte about South Col and Summit
11:20Capt.Shikhawats byte
12:23 byte continues/family’s reaction
14:13 byte/ Vikram Bahadur
17:00 Jigme’s byte
21:36 MI -17, helipad at Niche
22:36 pilots interact w/ team
23:16 loading chopper w/ stuff to leave for Kathmandu after summiting
24:53 CU of chopper being loaded
25:32 tight shot of chopper blades
27:37 CU of tail of chopper
29:25 interaction with Brig. Dhir
29:42 same
30:53 interaction at Charlie Company

TAPE 21 15:00:00:00

*00:13 close shot of Jawan’s carrying load from C1
01:04 Mont. Shots at BC of load
01:31 giving back all equipment/to store
03:28 CU of all equipment
04:24 pan right to equipments
04:42 top angle shot of helmets
05:02 sherpas put stuff into blue canister
06:26 mont. Types at BC
09:29 shot of rucksacks
09:57 shot of clothes/gear
10:26 shots of pack
11:47 pan from tent/equipment to load of porters/prepare to leave for Pheriche
12:10 Team gives load to porters to take to Niche
13:03 team winds up tent/mist/peak in background
*15:24 tent collapsing
16:09 wind up continue
17:28 rocks/ sherpas prepare to leave
17:39 army prepares to leave to leave
18:36 byte of leader
27:20 byte of Deputy Leader
*29:06 pan right to team leaving BC, snow KIF/ 
*30:05 CU of Thar
*30:26 two thar grazing
*31:46 TS of thar, looking downhill
*31:58 same shot

TAPE 22 19:00:00:00

00:32 serving at BC langar
02:06 06:56 CU of Nuptse
07:21 LS of climbers coming down from Kala Patthar
7:48 LS of misty peak
08:08 CU of orange-breasted bird
08:52 CU of melting icicles
9:16 shot of Gorakshep lodge
10:01 LS of route to Kalapathar
10:33 orange breasted bird
*10:40 orange breasted bird
*11:38 birdshot
12:39 porters on route to Kalapathar
13:24 WS of Nuptse, evening, Everest
*14:38 good shot of Nuptse
15:04 good shot of Kalapathar
16:19 WS of Kalapathar and other peaks
16:36 WS of trekkers summit Kalapathar
*17:38 Nuptse/Everest/Lho La/TL
*18:07 WS of above three/clouds/sun
*18:36 TS of the three/Clouds
19:02 Nuptse
19:22 Lobuche West
19:38 Ama Dablam WS
*20:06 WS of Lho La, pan left Nuptse, Ama Dablam
22:13 WS of Pumori
*22:31 CU of Pumori
*22:49 TD from Lho La to KIF
*23:08 Good WS of Ama Dablam
*23:32 same
23:58 LS of Kala Pattar
*24:14 LS of Ice Peak
24:28 BC shots
24:40 pan right to net making, for south Col as very windy there
26:51 CU of net
29:40 pan left over net
29:57 leader gives instructions

TAPE 23 21:00:00:00

00:38 shots of collecting trash at BC
02:08 loading trash into sacks
02:20 team interacts with colleagues coming down from c1
04:35 LS of Lho La/KIF/Nuptse
5:42 trash being weighed
6:11 Byte about trip to C1
08:16 WS of KIF
08:33 TD from KIF to flags
*9:33 LS of KIF/Lho La/Nuptse
*9:59 Lho La side/clouds/TL
*10:41 CU of Nuptse
*11:02 Lho La pan right to Nupse
*12:40 LS of Pumori w/ clouds
*12:53 LS of Pumori w/ clouds
*13:30 WS of sheer ice peak
*14:21 Pan playing cards
27:43 prayer flag/td to tents at BC
28:04 WS of BC/pan right
28:23 WS of BC pan right
28:47 same

TAPE 24 22:00:00:00

00:46 cleaning up snow from tent
01:46 shoveling shot
02:28 Pumori TD to tents
04:02 charging the solar panels
04:49 same
12:09 chopper
12:40 flying towards helipad
13:58 chopper lands on helipad
15:55 chopper takes off
17:50 Lho La/Everest/Nuptse-TL
*19:20 CU/WS of Everest-TL
*20:57 WS of threesome
21:46 medium/WS of Everest
22:14 early morning shot of Everest/zoom in-TL
22:56 Lobuche pan left to Ama Dablam
*24:18 early morning/Everest sunrise/clouds
*25:06 CU/med shot of Nuptse/clouds/TL/pan left to Everest/clouds/sunrise
*25:53 shot of the 3 peaks/KIF/sunrise
*31:54 pan/TU from BC to Everest
33:33 sunset at Nuptse peak/spin drift

TAPE 25 23:00:00:00

00:22 Nuptse sunset shot – close up
*04:50 shot of mountain ridges
*05:32 same
*06:02 fixing tent pegs/winding up one tent for higher camps
*10:45 testing oxygen masks/cylinders byte
113:07 oxygen measuring instrument
*14:33 byte about how to use oxygen-measuring instrument
*16:05 byte about regulator
*17:44 fixing regulator onto cylinder
18:40 meter reading
19:35 mask, pipe etc.
20:04 CU of valve Oxygen 02 indicator, etc.
25:48 leaders byte about acclimatization at higher camps

TAPE 26 01:00:00:00 (BC)

00:07 continuation of Col. Kumar’s byte about summit plan in brief
09:53 Byte of Dept. leader on selection of team
18:49 A/B KIF being dangerous…
24:47 Byte of Amar Prakash

TAPE 27 02:00:00:00

Amarprakash byte continues- 1999 millennium expedition
6:44 South col etc.. His summit experience
14:06 Hawaldar T.B byte
21:18 Chanchal Singh byte
22: Mahinder Singh
27: Paldin

TAPE 28 03:00:00:00

00:31 shots inside BC langar
02:57 prepare to depart for C2
06:12 Nuptse CU
*07:22 CU of Nuptse
07:32 spin drift over Nuptse
*09:27 LS/ Nuptse TL
*11:20 CU/Nuptse-T L 
14:57 CU Nuptse
*18:07 medium shot of man with altitude sickness
20:45 pan from sick man to Babu chiri’s tent
21:51 byte of doctor Ramesh Mann about sick man
27:59 close medium shot of Babu Chiri w/ Gurung
28:20 CU of Chiri’s face
29:21 medium shot of Sherpa sardar/BC sky/peaks

TAPE 29 18:00:00:00

00:23 discussions at BC
02:49 trying on Koflacks / Koflachs / Koflack / Koflach boots
04:28 byte of Shekhawat about trip back from Camp I – C1
04:52 WS of tents /canisters etc
*05:26 montage of picking goods for higher camps
07:05 begins to stitch up sack
08:06 CU of stitching
10:14 weighing loaded sacks
14:23 mont. of checking luggage/weights
*17:11 tea at BC
23:45 top angle shot of sat. phone 
25:10 CU of talking on Satellite phone
26:43 WS of peaks/tent/clothes
27:02 Pumori peak cu
27:24 Cu of Nuptse
27:38 CU of Nuptse
28:28 WS of Pumori
29:01 CU of Pumori
31:21 conversation with Sherpa at higher camp

TAPE 30 16:00:00:00

00:20 TU from crampons to face at KIF
00:38 CU of ice pitons
*01:51 Cu of crampons TU to upper body
*02:28 CU of ice pitons, carabiners, iceaxe
*03:11 CU of Mahinder practicing on glacier
*03:58 pan from bottom of glacier to left top
*04:31 med to pull out of practice climbing on glacier
*05:37 CU of fixing ice axe
*06:04 pan right from sky to glacier w/ Mahinder fixing piton
*06:50 pan/TU from bottom of glacier to top/TD to bottom
09:24 TU from bottom of the glacier to top of the glacier/ice climbing
11:50 pull out of Mahinder ice climbing
13:04 unscrewing piton
*13:53 WS of glacier/climbers enter frame
15:33 WS of them climbing over glacier pan left
16:08 LS of KIF/climber entering frame
17:03 TS of climbing icefall
*17:45 pan left to climbers/top angle
*19:30 TD to climbers
19:47 zoom in on climbers on glacier
20:01 med/tight of climbers on glacier
20:33 LS/top angle of climbers on glacier
21:33 top angle of climbing ice glacier
22:31 top angle climbers enter frame
24:34 WS/pan right with climbers
25:15 zoom in/zoom out
25:28 harness/carabiners
26:46 byte of jawan
27:48 Neelu a/b dumping load in C1
30:44 byte a/b expedition-Amar Prakash

TAPE 31 12:00:00:00

00:31 WS of Tengbuche Monastery
01:11 WS of Everest from Monastery
*01:27 CU of snow on spruce
01:41 WS of peaks/spruce pan right to lodge
*02:09 LS of peaks/lodge etc
02:59 pan right
03:05 WS of monastery
*03:16 WS of Gompas/ranges/clouds
*04:13 WS of ranges/TL
05:00 departure from lodge / pan from trees to lodge
05:50 WS of range/monastery/gompa etc
06:22 yak/porter montages
*06:43 med. Shots of yaks passing
07:10 WS/montages of yaks/porters
07:47 Ws of ranges/snow
08:26 WS 
08:45 WS Ama Dablam
09:41 WS/peaks/gompa/team enters frame
10:24 WS of prayer wheels being rotated
*11:47 pan over whole team
*13:01 WS/rocks/yaks/lodge
17:09 En routed to Pheriche
18:17 WS of team entering frame
18:47 ws of trees snow/peak, pan to team trekking
19:41WS Ama Dablam/trekking up 
*20:23 WS ranges/snow
*20:59 WS of Everest/TL shot
*21:22 TL/peaks/snow
21:46 pan to Nuptse
21:58 pan to Ama Dablam
22:16 WS of ranges/snow
*22:49 WS Ama Dablam
*23:12 WS/clouds
24:06 WS prayer stones/team
24:20 WS Ama Dablam/team climbs
24:55 WS/Pheriche/pull out to range
25:18 pull out of Pheriche/WS to ranges
26:02 pan from snowy ranges to Pheriche village
30:43 Departure from pheriche/yaks
31:25 WS of yaks passing thru

TAPE 32 11:00:00:00

00:11 departure from BC
01:02 WS prayer flags/camps
01:29 montage of going round the prayer stone
03:36 call out Bajrang Bali / Bajrangbali / Sagarmatha
04:36 departing for C2
*05:29 LS of leaving BC
*07:23 LS of KIF/army crosses
*11:02 WS of Pomeri / Pumo Ri / Pumori
*11:52 WS from BC
*12:06 WS of tents at BC from Babu Chiri / Chhiri Camp
*13:20 WS pan right from yellow tents
14:26 WS tents snow ranges in background
14:44 WS of tents
14:59 WS of tents
15:14 pan right from tents to prayer stone
16:06 LS of KIF, Lho La, Nuptse, TD from KIF to BC
*16:28 TD from KIF to BC/TU to KIF
16:47 pull out from Khumbu to tents
17:35 TD from ranges to tents at BC
18:03 American team
19:10 Dusk WS of Lobuche
20:22 CU of Lobuche E/W
20:41 WS early morning/Pumori sunrise/moon
21:11 WS/med of Pumori sunrise
*21:37 LS of Pumori sunrise
*21:45 WS of sun rising
*31:57 LS of rising sun
33:00 Nuptse WS/sunrise

TAPE 33 15:00:00:00

*00:33 TS of lama chanting/team with sherpas around
02:19 Mt. Everest Whiskey
02:32 WS/pan left from team to lama on stone
03:42 WS of prayer apparatus
04:14 WS of team
04:29 CU of sattu
05:39 pan from team/ prayer
05:51 CU of prayer apparatus
06:24 med shot of team/snow
07:49 CU of dhup burning
*08:02 LS of Khumbu/pan to prayers/fix up the prayer flag
*08:59 WS/pan of peaks/flag/team
*09:27 montage of setting up flags
*10:00 TU to top of flag
10:11 WS of prayer stone/flag/peaks/snow
10:29 WS of Nuptse pan to BC
10:59 TD from Pumori to BC
11:14 pan from BC to team
11:27 montage of team throwing rice
17:02 Gorakhs on tripod
18:34 putting on Koflach
19:54 byte of Col. Kumar/go to glacier
15:23 pan while putting on equipment
24:13 medium shot
25:46 tight shot putting them on*
26:58* put cramp on around gator
27:13 WS of Khumbu peaks/team enters
28:08 WS trying out ice axe*
28:37 avalanche shot*
29:00 WS of khumbu team enters*
30:05 WS of Khumbu team enters using crampons*
32:54 WS snow etc team enters frame*

TAPE 34 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 13:00:00:00

00:21 SPCC guy
00:49 SPCC guy lifting rubbish
01:54 shots of them collecting rubbish
02:15 CU of tying garbage
02:49 med shots of weighing garbage
03:29 lifting the rubbish
03:38 put selected garbage can in rubbish
06:10 signing a document
06:45 leaving with the load
07:36 WS of filling water
08:32 CU of filling water into canisters
09:50 carrying bucket of water
10:08 CU of drinking water board
10:25 Byte of Major Anand, as base camp manager
14:07 call when team summitted*
15:24 call after summitting
27:32 moving clouds in sky*
28:06 WS of Lola, Khumbu, Nuptse cloud cover

TAPE 35 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 10:00:00:00

00:09 discussions on when to summit
01:01 pan right to team and sherpas
05:51 a/b ferrying load etc
07:32 sick guy being carried by porter
09:56 NFB trekker being carried by porter
11:52 peak*
12:26 Eric shots *
24:49 sunset shots of Kala Pathar and Pumori
25:09 WS of Pomeri sunset
26:05 WS of cloud formation over peak
*26:56 Pumori clouds/CU/WS
*27:26 sunset shots kala pattar/Pumori
*27:5 peak?
*28:46 sunset over Kala patthar/Pumori

TAPE 36 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 14:00:00:00

*00:21 team returns from summit/WS snow/pull out to BC
*02:08 hugging shots
03:21 WS Col. Kumar – byte about how it felt
03:59 byte Amar Prakash
04:26 Byte Chanchal Singh
05:02 Neelu Byte
05:10 Paldin Byte
05:41 WS/ pan of team, ice block in background
05:56 WS round prayer stone/offer thanks
06:24 meet with liaisons officer
07:34 WS of BC/peaks /team
07:54 CU of tent, pan left to team/peaks/snow
08:21 WS of garbage being loaded on yak
09:08 garbage bag being stitched
10:03 stuffing garbage bags into sacks
10:44 WS/pan to yaks
11:01 loading yaks w/ canisters /girl or female Sherpa
13:43 WS/yaks etc leaving/peaks/tents
14:45 WS of yaks leaving
15:04 med shot of girl sherpa
17:44 byte Paldin a/b summit experience
19:19 Neelu byte
20:49 Mahinder byte
23:44 Amar Prakash byte
27:20 Chanchal Singh

TAPE 37 DIGI BETA IAMEE 2001 17:00:00:00

00:31 TB first time going up to C1
01:45 WS all set to leave w/ equipment
02:08 Col. Shekhawat byte
03:54 LS of Khumbu glacier
7:25 sick porter/going to be carried in a basket by another*
27:02 Army Doc. Checks porter
28:06 explains what’s wrong…
29:42 CU of avalanche*
30:52 inside langar eating

TAPE 38 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 20:00:00:00

00:28 TD to solar panel being changed*
01:08 TD to solar panel with kid again
02:48 WS leader against snow etc
04:43 top angle of net being made
04:58 CU of hands making nets
06:37 WS with tents, net being laid
07:22 place stones on all corners of net
07:54 leader etc fixing net/knots
08:11 med of leader fixing net
08:39 orange tent in background
09:41* trying net on tent
11:07* discussion on durability of the net
11:26* fixing net on tent
11:29* same
14:46 inside the langar*
*22:55 med shot of cooking stuff
23;09 roti on tawa
24:16* cook washing dishes
27:08 Nilamba Sherpa summitted 8 times byte

TAPE 39 DIGIBETA IAMEE 2001 007:00:00:00

00:31 shot of Chopper in sky
02:15 RNA chopper at pad
02:35 pan from team to chopper
*03:47 loading sacks into chopper
04:44 inside the heli with sacks
06:16 WS of chopper/people
06:28 med/pan to canisters being loaded into chopper
07:17 med to pull out of chopper
07:53 chopper being shut
08:15 chopper takes off
09:04 WS of chopper w/ green hills
09:19 chopper takes off
11:22 second sortie of chopper
11:56 tight of chopper approaching/CU
12:52 pan from tail to nose of chopper
13:52 jerry cans being carried into chopper
15:06 cu of tail rotor blades
15:53 Maj. Anand loads gear into chopper
17:36 man carrying load over one shoulder
18:20 Cherdung lodge
18:49 good wishes/farewell
19:07 getting ready to set off w/ rucksack
20:27 porter on ground with basket
21:31 CU of faces
21:54 WS of faces /army enters from left*
22:36 trekkers descend into meadow area*
23:38 WS of meadow area pull out
24:18 trekkers enter medowy frame
25:16 pan over lodge “paradise” tea break
26:21 WS with equipment on benches/pan team has tea
27:55* top angle shot of Sete village
28:28* WS of scenery
28:52* pull out from top/Sete
29:39 pull out of Sete
29:54 medium shot of trekking
30:06 pan from children to trekkers
30:32 trekkers enter frame
31:24 trekkers enter frame round the corners
31:55 low angle shot of legs of climbers

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