Shots of Ganesha drinking milk : a rumour was spread that idols of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha were drinking milk that was poured over them as offerings (akin to the bleeding Christ rumour). Footage of hysterical Hindus believing in this, and worshipping at temples.

Footage of a rare cow with six legs living a normal life along the roads of New Delhi.

Imagery of the conjoined twins Saba and Farah, from Bihar, India.

Slow halal / hallal slaughter of a camel and a goat as part of a religious sacrifice, cow and pig slaughter, dog – catching for food and carcasses / meat of barking deer being sold in a market.

United Nations AIDS Day concert on 1st December 1996, in New Delhi, with Sonia Gandhi as the Chief Guest. Multi-camera shoot, with four broadcast cameras in a component switching configuration.

Charkhi Dadri plane collision – gruesome footage of the remains of two Jumbo jets that collided mid-air, resulting in the death of all on board both the planes. Images include ghastly sights of charred bodies and aircraft fuselage parts on the ground, shortly after the mid-air collision.

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