Yamuna River, the river that runs through Delhi: dead fish, pollution, detergent and soap foam and runoff, open sewage drains entering the river, industrial effluent and unburned dead bodies floating in water.

Immersion of idols in lakes and water bodies, during Hindu festivals, leading to water pollution. Industrial air pollution from factories, chimneys and industrial processes. Tins, cans and other metal containers, oxygen cylinders, rusting metal, broken glass and other non biodegradable products dumped in the Nanda Devi Sanctuary in the Himalaya, by visiting mountaineering expeditions. Himalayan meadows soiled with food containers, plastic, and general garbage, in Dibrughetta Meadow, Uttaranchal. Hill-station untreated non recycled garbage thrown down a forested hillside in Landour, Uttaranchal. Bare and deforested hillside and slopes, lopped trees and cleared forests, making way for agriculture. Vehicular pollution on the streets of Delhi, with black exhaust coming out of vehicles’ exhaust pipes. Also, the recent conversion to CNG fleet of commercial vehicles and the consequent reduction in vehicular pollution levels.

Wind energy farms in South India, windmills, with valleys and fields of wind energy generating turbines. (Format: Digi Beta; 2 hours)

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