Digibeta Catalogue

Digi Beta Catalogue

Wilderness Films stock footage

DB66: Vatika – 1 

DB145: Corbett – 1 
Guest House and bungalows (only 3-4 mins recorded, rest blank space)

DB146: Corbett – 2
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 24) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, Jackal, landscape, clouds, pair of woolly necked Storks, Grey Hornbill. 

DB147: Corbett – 3
(Transferred to DVCam )
Drongo, Laughing Thrushes, Scaly bellied Woodpecker on the ground, Emerald Dove, Turtle, Grey Hornbill, Green Barbet, Barking Deer, Woodpecker, River Tern. 

DB148: Corbett – 4 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 16) (Transferred to DVCam )
Raptor, Peacock / peafowl on a branch, Flameback Woodpecker pair ?? Green Bee eater, Vultures.

DB149: Corbett – 5 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 20) (Transferred to DVCam )

DB150: Corbett – 6 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 21) (Transferred to DVCam )
Jackal, landscapes, elephant.

DB151: Corbett – 7 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 17) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant herd in the Chaur, Woolly necked Stork, Monsoon shots, Jackal.

DB152: Corbett – 8 
(5.3.2004) (Tape 15) (Transferred to DVCam )
Sunset timelapse, elephant long shot, Black Partridge, Shrike, general forest landscape shot, White necked Stork, Black winged Kite, Pied Kingfisher, Parakeet. 

DB153: Corbett – 9
(Tape 14A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Bird, Jungle Fowl, Hoopoe, White necked Stork, Tiger, Wild Boar, elephant, eagle, woodpecker. 

DB154: Corbett – 10
(Tape 15A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephants, dark monsoon clouds, eagle, langur, spider. 

DB155: Corbett – 11
(Tape 11A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Trees, clouds, sunset shots, Parakeets peeping out of a nest hole, Kingfisher, Sambhar walking towards the camera, owl, raptor.

DB156: Corbett – 12
(Tape 4) (Transferred to DVCam )
Park entrance, Ramangar registration office, Sultan Guest House, Damselfly, forest shots, elephant, sunset time lapse, Cheetal, Pratincole, Stone Curlew. 

DB157: Corbett – 13 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 25) (Transferred to DVCam )
Mating shots of butterflies, rain, insect, snake, owl, Hornbill, Babbler, Kingfisher, Partridge. 

DB158: Corbett – 14 
(VK) (May – Jun, 2004) (tape 23) (Transferred to DVCam )
Tiger, woodpecker, elephants, birds, Kingfisher, Stork, tigress / tiger with cub, woodpecker. 

DB159: Corbett – 15
(Tape 14) (Transferred to DVCam )
Mahseer, jackal, turtle, River Tern, peacock, elephants walking in a line, mother elephant with her trunk in her baby’s mouth, Sambhar, otters fishing and playing, eagle, cheetal. 

DB160: Corbett – 16
(Tape 8) (Transferred to DVCam )
Crake, tiger, Fishing Eagle, Cheetal herd, sunrise time lapse, jackal, elephants, caterpillar, Grey Hornbill, Bulbul, River Tern, Barking Deer. 

DB161: Corbett – 17
(Tape 11) (Transferred to DVCam )
Sunrise time lapse, Himalayan Wood Owl? Grey headed Myna, Egret, Gharial, Ringed Plover, River Tern, Marsh Harrier, Drongo, Grey Hornbill, Barking Deer, Crested Hawk Eagle, Jungle Fowl, Scaly bellied Woodpecker. 

DB162: Corbett – 18
(Tape 16A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Harrier, Monitor Lizard, Pied Kingfisher, jackal, Plover, Heron, landscape, Wild Boar crossing river, elephants, Sambhar, Grey Hornbill. 

DB163: Corbett – 19
(Tape 6A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Bird, peacock / peafowl, tiger / tigress with cubs, landscape, clouds, Sambhar. 

DB164: Corbett – 20
(Tape 20A) (Transferred to DVCam)
Monitor Lizard, leaf like insect / camouflage, clouds, elephant, audio of peacock calling, white flowers.

DB165: Corbett – 21
(Tape 2) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant herd, Crested Hawk Eagle, Forest , Old Forest Rest House at Dhikala and surrounding campus, vultures, Jungle Fowl.

DB166: Corbett – 22
(Tape 8A) (Transferred to DVCam )

DB167: Corbett – 23
(Tape 4A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, jeep and elephant, landscape, sunset timelapse, eagle / raptor, bird, trees.

DB168: Corbett – 24
(Tape 5A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Birds, elephants, Partridge.

DB169: Corbett – 25
(Tape 10B) (Transferred to DVCam )
Wild Boar, elephants, birds, landscape, trees, chamelion, eagle / raptor, rain, Grey Hornbill, Jackal. 

DB170: Corbett – 26
(Tape B / 7B) (Transferred to DVCam )
Gharial, White necked Stork, trees, elephant, eagle / raptor, cheetal, elephant / tusker in musth / must, Otters, Hog Deer, tortoise, ealge in flight.

DB171: Corbett – 27
(Tape 9) (Transferred to DVCam )
Sambhar, elephant ride, White breasted Kingfisher, elephant herd, Wild Boar, Kusum Trees, Scaly bellied Woodpecker, general forest landscape, Jungle Cat in water, raptor.

DB172: Corbett – 28
(Tape 18A) (Transferred ½ to DVCam )
Stork, Gharial, birds, landscape, Sambhar, cheetal, elephant, bird call audio, landscape.

DB173: Corbett – 29
(Tape 19A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Birds, parakeet, monkey, sunset, insects, spider, clouds, birds in a nest, turtle, fish, Monitor Lizard.

DB174: Corbett – 30
(Tape 13A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Wooly necked Stork, Black Partridge, elephant ride, sunset, tortoise / turtle, landscape, timelapse over the Ramganga River, eagle / raptor in flight (good), Peacock displaying, Spur winged Lapwing, Blue Jay / Indian Roller, Black winged Kite.

DB175: Corbett – 31
(Tape 17A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Gharial, stork, landscape, grassland, jackal, waterhole, cheetal, Sambhar, good audio of Barbet call, Langur drinking water.

DB176: Corbett – 32
(Tape 13) (Transferred to DVCam )
Crocodile, bird, pink flowers, bird, parakeet, elephant, elephant herd, elephant mating, small bird, sunset, Wild Boar, cheetal, eagle / raptor.

DB177: Corbett – 33
(VK) (May- June, 2004)
(Tape 26) (Transferred to DVCam )
Green bird, peafowl, landscape, vulture, birds, mongoose, hare, bird, sound byte of guide and tourist.

DB178: Corbett – 34
(Tape A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Guest House, Cheetal.

DB179: Corbett – 35
(Tape 1) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, eagle / raptor, crocodile, cormorants, egrets, Gharial, cheetal, elephant herd.

DB180: Corbett – 36
(Tape 5) (Transferred to DVCam )
Dead cheetal, vultures in flight, elephant herd and gypsy, elephant with a massive bump on its head.

DB181: Corbett – 37
(Tape 12A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Bird, Wild Boar, elephants, cheetal, landscape, chameleon, bird chick, crocodile.

DB182: Corbett – 38
(Tape 3A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Tiger, birds, river, Sambhar, elephant herd, landscape, birds, tourists, tiger.www

DB183: Corbett – 39
(Tape 7) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, tusker full frame, training forest guards, Jungle Fowl, elephants charging, Serpent Eagle, deer, Jungle Cat.

DB184: Corbett – 40
(Tape 19) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, Chameleon, Baya nests.

DB185: Corbett – 41
(Tape 7A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Landscape, elephant with mahaut and tourists, sunrise, owl, elephants, butterflies, birds, deer.

DB186: Corbett – 42
(Tape 10) (Transferred to DVCam )
Drongo, Crested Hawk Eagle, deer, tiger, Wild Boar, eagle / raptor, cheetal, mongoose.

DB187: Corbett – 43
(Tape 1A) (Transferred to DVCam )
Tusker / elephant in musth / must, Blue Jay / Indian Roller, buffalo, Sambhar, landscape.

DB188: Corbett – 44
(Tape 22) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant mating, landscape, Wooly necked Stork.

DB189: Corbett – 45
(Tape 3) (Transferred to DVCam )
Wild Boar, Fishing Eagle, Sambhar, Otters, Khinanauli Guest House, King Vultures, crocodile.

DB190: Corbett – 46
(Tape 6) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephants, Griffon Vultures, cheetal, crocodile, Gharial, Egret.

DB191: Corbett – 47
(Tape 18) (Transferred to DVCam )
Jackal wading through water in the Ramganga River, Wild Boar wading through water in the Ramganga River, butterflies, elephants.

DB192: Corbett – 48
(Tape ) (Transferred to DVCam )
Elephant, River Tern, Cheetal, eagle / raptor, Gharial, landscape, mist, sunrise timelapse, elephant crossing the Ramganga River.

DB193: WFIL Copyrighted Music
Stock Music (Indian Classical Instrumental) (1 hour tape)
Wilderness Films stock footage

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