Defence Forces of India

Army Bands playing in New Delhi: shot with a background of the Central Secretariat, the esplanade, the President’s Estate – Rashtrapati Bhawan, and India Gate. (Format HDCAM High Definition, 2 hours)

61st Cavalry riding prowess display with military bands in attendance, on New Delhi’s polo grounds. Many known faces of Delhi’s high society make their presence felt on such occasions, and the riding and polo displays are internationally competitive. (Format DVCAM, 5 hours)

Military massed marching bands displaying before the President of India, and a select gathering, at the Beating of the Retreat ceremony, held before the North and South block on Rajpath and the Presidential esplanade, held on 29th January each year. Due to highly restricted access, other than the governmental broadcaster, scarcely any private filmmakers are allowed access to film this event. We obtained special governmental approval to extensively film the event over two consecutive years.

Republic Day parade – an annual feature on 26th January – the day India became a sovereign Republic in 1950. Tableaux from every Indian state, military bands and march – pasts, displays of military might, camel mounted and other regiments of the Indian army, an air force flypast, and large audiences.

Air Force Day at Palam airport – marchpast, helicopter display, Surya Kiran aircraft doing aerobatics and creating the tricolour / tricolor of the national flag, with coloured plumes of exhaust, in the air.

Indo-French aircraft and flight display: Top jets of the Indian air force battling the French air force in a simulated war exercise. (HDCAM and Digi Beta)

Indian Army Mt. Everest Expedition 2001 – a detailed story of the Indian Army applying their defense tactics on the Himalaya, and succeeding in placing a dozen climbers on the summit of the peak, as the culmination to a four month expedition, covered by us with four camera units. (Digi Beta and DVCAM).

Border regions around India, including Indo – Bhutanese, Indo – Tibetan, IndoChinese, Indo – Myanmar, Indo – Nepalese and Indo – Pakistani borders, from the ground and in some cases, from the air as well. These borders are also protected by the Indian Army and are high security zones with access only allowed after high – level civilian security clearances. In one instance, we were requested by the Indian army to film certain secret bunkers, highway developments and habitations being constructed by the Chinese on their side of the border. Includes sites of the Indo – China war in the 1960’s.

National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla / Kharakvasla with Sudan House, Pune, and Indian Military Academy, Dehra dun : passing out parades, life as a cadet, classrooms, and more.

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