These are some of our more prominent clients, from a list that now spans over 10,000 discrete production companies and individuals we have worked with over the past 23 years:
  • ABC News
  • Associated Press Television (APTV)
  • BBC, UK
  • British Sky Broadcasting, UK
  • CBS, USA
  • Channel 4, UK
  • CNBC-Asia Business News and CNBC-Europe
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • EBU (European Broadcasting)
  • ESPN India
  • Fremantle Television
  • NHK, Japan
  • Pilot Productions, UK
  • RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann), Dublin, Ireland
  • Linx Productions, Croatia
  • Marathon Productions, France
  • National Geographic
  • Sony Entertainment Television
  • Star TV, Hong Kong
  • Television Eighteen India Ltd.
  • Granada Media, UK
  • TV 5, France
  • TV2, Norway
  • TWI (Trans World International)
  • Interspot Films, Vienna, Austria
  • United Productions and HTV-West, UK
  • WGBH, Boston, USA
  • World Television, UK
  • Gruner+Jahr Funk-und Fernsehproduktions, Germany

Some client comments

Seb Grant, Illuminations, London

“The shoot was a particularly successful, happy, creative and rewarding one – I can’t thank you enough. I felt incredibly well supported during my time in India and felt that you took my concerns/wishes seriously and professionally.”

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Samantha Jones World Television, London

“The Digi Beta’s have arrived safe and sound, and the pictures are fantastic. Please pass on our thanks to the camera and soundpersons.”

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Lisa Ashton, BBC

“Thanks again for all your help Rupin. The shots look wonderful, colourful and exciting. Virendra certainly followed our brief so please pass on our thanks to him. Hope to work with you again.”

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Elena Adams World Television, UK

“Thanks to the crew. They did a WONDERFUL job. Thanks for making it so easy for us…”

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Rob Llewellyn, UK

“Firstly thank you for your excellent service and speed of response in obtaining a camera for me. Secondly I would like to officially report on the superb quality and assistance of Sunil who accompanied the camera. Please pass on my thanks for his assistance in Goa, I only wish I could have used him on the whole shoot! I will certainly recommend your company to any of my UK colleagues traveling to India.”

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Denise Johnson President, 21st Century Women Inc., NY

“I really want to distinguish here that it was not only that you provided excellent equipment and a technically competent team, for that would have been enough to be grateful for. What I additionally want to acknowledge is the absolutely perfect match between your team and mine. Under rather difficult and ever-changing conditions, your cameraman and his camera assistant were wonderful, considerate, flexible, totally engaging and 100%+ committed to ensuring that they captured both the experience and the essence of what I was trying to achieve.”

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Carrie Madu, Producer Great North Productions, Canada

“The Digi Beta’s have arrived safe and sound, and the pictures are fantastic. Please pass on our thanks to the camera and soundpersons.” -Samantha Jones World Television, London “I would like to express our appreciation for the services that you and your team provided us while we were filming our Adoption Stories in Mumbai, India. Your customer service was and is impeccable and you made it very easy for us to accomplish what we needed to. We were able to rely on your expertise both in television filming and in how things must be done in India. The footage that your team filmed was breathtaking and definitely helped tell our stories. As with any television production things don’t always go smoothly, but your willingness to take on any task and to be available when we needed you to be made the process much smoother. It was wonderful that we were able to communicate directly with you and that you were able to provide us with a full crew (director, camera and sound) as well as top-notch equipment and that you were also willing to take care of all the required travel and accommodations that happened over in India. I will gladly recommend your team to anyone who needs to film in India.”

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Caroline Jackson, Senior Producer On behalf of World Television

“Simon Lawson our producer has nothing but praise for your crew – for the footage and the fact that they are both very nice people. We are getting very good feedback from the pictures here The client and Simon and Valerie were all very very complimentary about the crew. And our very experienced and good staff editor Bob said that the rushes footage is of the very highest standard – and he hardly ever praises camerawork. So we are very satisfied customers indeed. Thank you so much. I will also recommend your company to anyone who may be filming in your region.”

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