Aesthetic Nature and Outdoor Footage

Time lapses of water lilies opening and closing, during the daytime. Time lapses of cloud formations, around the high mountains of the Himalaya. Over 5 hours of material taken from right across the Himalaya, including the Nanda Devi Sanctuary in Uttaranchal, Sagarmatha -Everest National Park in Nepal, Kanchenjunga National Park in Sikkim, Spiti, Manali valley and other parts of the Himalaya. Different representations of the seasons of the plains and the mountains of India. Vignettes of Himalayan spring, summer, monsoon, fall and winter seasons. (Format: Digital Betacam, Betacam, Mini DV.)

The Aravallis, one of the oldest mountain ranges in India, mining problems, trucks removing stone, sand and ore, aforestation drives, tree plantation work, forest department activities (Format: Betacam SP; 6 hours)

Khumbu Icefall in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Images of seracs, crevasses, crevasse ladder crossings by mountaineers, glacial streams, jet stream clouds, ice melting, snowfall, glacial till, glacial moraine, and other geographic features.

Mountain Quail Expedition 2001-2002 : looking for an extinct species, camping out, transects for search, Osprey, Himalayan landscapes and vistas, Mussoorie, Landour, Pari Tibba, Kanda, Jabberkhet, Black Bulbul, White-eye, Deodars – Himalayan Cedar, (Format: DVCAM; 10 hours)

Solar eclipse, sulphur hot water springs with sulphur water gushing out from deep within the earth, tsunami aftermath, dust storm, snow storm, snowfall taking place, monsoon rains arriving, April mango showers, avalanche taking place.

Garden and colourful cultivated flowers: Profusion of poppy, Calendula, Lupin, Chrysanthemum, larkspur, lilies, daffodils, nargis – narcissus, Amaryllis lily, Californian poppies, Foxglove, orchids, Clematis, Camelia, Rhododendron, primula – primrose, morning glory, carnation, and hundreds more. (High Definition HDV; 10 hours)

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