Adventure Sports

Some thirty hours of Heli skiing and snow boarding footage, taken from skis and from the air, by one of the best cameramen in New Zealand, also perhaps the best ‘skiing cameraman’ worldwide. (Format: Digital Betacam; 30 hours)

Trekking in Garhwal: several locales. Pilot for a series on Adventure Sports: A trek to Dodital. (Format: Betacam SP; 4 hours.)

Mountaineering in the Himalaya. Sequences from expeditions such as Indo-Tibetan Border Police Swargarohini expedition in 1990, Dartmouth Black Peak Himalayan Expedition in 1991, American collegiate Hanuman Ganga expedition in 1994, Indian Army Everest Expedition in 2001, Nanda Devi IMF Expedition in 2001 (Various Formats; 20 hours)

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) Adventure Film: Parasailing, mountaineering, trekking, ice climbing, mountaineering museum visit, artificial rock climbing walls, obstacle courses, rapelling, river crossing, equipment examination and checkout, tenting and camping, bushcraft, icecraft, climbing around Beaskund, Shitidhar, Manali peaks and kayaking, canoeing and boating at Pong Dam. (Format: DVCAM; 14 hours)

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Expedition, Uttaranchal, high Himalaya: Lata village, Lata Kharak, Behelta, Dharanshi, Malatuni, Dibrughetta, Rishi Ganga river crossing, Sarsarpatal, Devisthan, Nanda Devi East and West peaks, Ramani. First visit and rare film sequences after a gap of twenty years. The inner sanctuary is still closed to the outside world. One of the most inaccessible regions of the world. (Format: Digi Beta, DVCAM; 20 hours)

Chambal car rally and boat safari, on this river that runs into the Yamuna, and is surrounded by once dacoit infested ravines

Adventure Sports festival held in Delhi with rappelling, skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing and various other activities in and around Delhi

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